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Wearing a tail


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I apologize in advance if a similar thread has been posted.

So I just ordered a tail keychain online, basically a long faux fur tail with a clip at the top so you can wear it on your belt loop as a tail. Who else has a tail that they wear out in public? Do you wear your tail proudly or are you worried other people might think its strange? Are you sporting a cat tail, fox tail, wolf tail, raccoon tail....what kind of tail do you like to wear? :)


I wear mine occasionally for the silly fun~

Also its just a odd wolf tail and my second attempt at making yarn tails :D But Oh geeze the upkeep of brushing it with a long shirt that bunches it blarg!


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I wear my ears and tail, and fuzzy armwarmers with blue pawpads on the underside, occasionally, for fun.

I have two pairs of black cat ears. One fake, one rabbit.
I have the aforementioned armwarmers, that were a commission.
And I have a long back short-pile cat tail, a smaller fuzzier black cat tail, and a real fox tail that's kind of black and silver.


I wear mine everywhere I'm not going somewhere formal to show that I like being Furry. And when I'm going sompleace formal, I wear at least one small badge underneath my shirt.


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I have a tail that I wear to conventions. It looks dumb but I think it is a fun and goofy thing to do. I'd never wear it anywhere else though.


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usually when I'm just spending a day publicly with other friends who have tails, I wear it. I wear it to school on days that I feel overly proud. But not all the time.


I have a shitty home-made one that I made from scrap materials. I don't wear it out in public or at conventions, since it's way too small and the coloring is all wrong.


My sona is a guinea pig so I don't have to worry about tails, they don't even have visible ones, hahah.

On another note, not based on my sona, I've never really bothered with tail accessories, shit might happen if I wear that kind of stuff in general public, and I'd see no point wearing such a thing at home either. Same goes with collars.
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Where do you even get these things?

I don't want a tail, but I wouldn't mind one of those hats with ears on them.


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are you worried other people might think its strange?

Psssh, what other people think? Who asked them? I wear my foxhat everywhere, and my tail too.

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I used to wear my purple husky one to work when I did my night security job.

It really freaked the drunk and high people I'd encounter.
A fursuit would have been even better for freaking out people.


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Whenever I get one I will probably wear it often, but i dont think I can get one anytime soon. :sad:


I got a wolf tail last year that attaches to a belt/beltloop via a small chain. It's not a dragon tail, but it does get the job done, and it is fun to wear. :p I don't wear it often, though; only if I'm with other furs who're wearing their tails. I would have worn mine when I was with some other local furs last night, but I didn't know everyone was wearing theirs.
I've never done it, but I've always wanted to try it once.


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I don't have one, but if I were to go to a con of some kind, I'd probably get one for the lulz. I like them well enough as an accessory (god knows why), but I've no place/reason to wear one or own one.

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I'm sure further down the line, I will get one eventually. But my family is still weirded out by me wearing a smegging collar. =/


I bought a tail at AnthroCon this year, and so far I've only worn it there. I really don't plan on wearing it out in public unless I am presented with a gaggle of tail wearing friends to associate myself with. I did have a raccoon tail that was attached to one of my bags until the sinew wore and it came off. Apparently it occasionally looked as if I were wearing it.

My collar, on the other hand, I tend to wear in public for shits and giggles all the time.