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Wearing a tail


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I've got a puffball bunny tail, but I'm planning to commission one like my fursona's tail. I wear it sometimes but I'm not dumb about it like some people :p It's like this button on my jacket that says "I <3 DICK." I'd wear it to a party but not to work or class!


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As a dragon, I'm sort of in a weird spot about tails. Like, I'd really want one. But, it always seems like dragon tails (or tails for any sort of reptilian creature) are really unwieldy and don't like to sit properly. I'd like to find a good one that fits my style (no spines, no large scales). Any tips, or examples of such?

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Look around at a fabric store or one online and find material that suits your tail.

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I have a tail that I wear every now and then if I'm in a fun mood, but it's not even accurate to my species and I get a lot of odd looks for wearing it, so I generally don't. It's mostly for cons, parties and stuff.


I have a lovely coyote tail I bought at a Renaissance Faire. I used to wear it around school in various places from my bag to my back belt-loop depending on how brave I felt that day. Aside from my brother, I never got any negative response. I did have a random girl squee when she saw my accessory.


Well I'm not looking to make a tail. I'm looking to purchase one. Because I have zero artistic ability.

Dragon tails also have no inbetween in them. I've seen awful ones and amazing ones.

The best one I've ever seen was a chainmail one. It looked awesome to say the least with chainmail that looked like scales.


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Pfft, tails. They aren't quite enough, IMO. I trolled a room full of people by wearing a fursuit to a job interview. I LOLOLOLUMADBRO'd them at the end and the guy made me go away.


I have a striped light brown and white one I've worn to school before. i inspired another furry friend to get one and we've worn them to class a few times. I've even worn mine on the train home. I love acting like nothing at all is strange, and imagining the funny looks on the people behind me. I don't do it anymore though because the train is filthy and I dont want to damage or risk losing my tail.


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Dare I ask how much that cost you? I haven't tried to have mine made due to cost.
110$ for Penny's and 47 for Penni's.




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yesssss these are amazing.

Also Shalo you should try some other people too.

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dracoloricatus/ (if you commission him then you are officially the coolest person I vaguely know)

Just don't make it end up looking like this

Those look awesome. Except for the really sickly one at the bottom. Thanks for the tips! I'll be sure to buy myself a tail when commissions open up.


Those look awesome. Except for the really sickly one at the bottom. Thanks for the tips! I'll be sure to buy myself a tail when commissions open up.

Personally that person on the bottom shouldn't have used such bad materials

Just try to get your moneys worth as well. Tails shouldn't be stuck in the corner to collect dust. (at least I don't think they should)


Exactly. They're an article of clothing. They should be treated with such respect. Even more so considering how much some of them cost. I will wear one proudly to the next AC I go to.

haha well maybe not respect per say. But you certainly don't want them to be a waste of money.

but I hope you find one you like!
I could be pressured into buying a tail if I attended a con, however, I don't see myself going to one in the near future.

I also see it as a pointless investment I'll never really use.


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I could never wear ears or a tail in public. It's just something I couldn't do, even at a convention or meet.I /could/ wear a full fursuit, though, oddly enough, but only at a convention.
I saw some kids who were wearing ears and tails at the local mall, and it just struck me as oddly disturbing. Don't get me wrong, go ahead and do it, it's just not my cup of tea.
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When I was in my early 20s, I wore a tail all the time. I've more or less grown out of wearing a tail, unless I'm suiting. I also had a problem with my tails breaking a lot, because I'd wear them so often, I forgot they were there.

Anyway, good info on tails:
Go to ebay, look up 'fox tail', 'coyote tail', 'wolf tail'. Depending on coloration, fox and coyote are the cheapest.
Sometimes they will be real, sometimes faux. To me it honestly doesn't matter, but I'm sure others care. Anyway, ebay will normally have LOTS of tails (4 - 5 tails) for $30.

What I would do, is buy a lot for 30 bucks, and then make my own wearable tails out of them. I would keep the one(s) I liked, then I'd sell the other ones to friends $20 - $30. Significantly cheaper than what most people charge for tails, and raking me in huge profit.

All I did to "make" a tail, was gorilla glue a caribeaner(sp? those climber hook things) near the spine of the tail. Works way better than the annoying chains and sewn belt loops that are more common, in my opinion.

Anyway, that's my $0.02.

So I just went to ebay to doublecheck my facts, since this information is from about 5 years ago. Turns out not many people sell lots of tails anymore. But there are many listing for individual tails at around 5 bucks. So point stands-- make your own tail. It's cheaper.
For best results, search for the type of tail you want in this category: http://www.ebay.com/sch/Hunting-/7301/i.html?_fcid=1&gbr=1&_clu=2
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were they real tails? I would think that using gorilla glue would lessen the quality than sewing...

Yes, they were all real tails. Peel back the hair at the base until you hit the tanned center, open it up like a folded piece of paper, stick some gorilla glue in there, shove the carabener in there and fold it in like a taco, then clamp it down somewhere to dry. The carabener is hidden by the surrounding fur, and even if it isn't, it'll probably be covered by your shirt anyway (once I did a really shitty job and the glue foamed out a lot so I had a huge glue bubble, but it was so close to the base, nobody would know).

While I did have issues with tails breaking, they always broke toward the end or middle of the tail. I'd step on it or someone would pull it and the thing would just snap in half. In my 3 straight years of wearing a tail every day (sans my area of employment) the carabener has NEVER come off, and in case of shitty gluing (carebener only being glued to fur and not tanned hide), it was kind of loose feeling and shitting looking toward the base, but still usable, reasonably hidden during wearing, never broke off.

When I said "quality" I meant, the quality of the hold to your belt loop. To me, I'd much rather have a tail I can easily snap on and off whenever. The chains that tails from rennfests came with (keychain things) often fell apart and hung too low from the belt loop, so they looked like shit. And the sewn-on belt loop things most fursuit makers use I dislike, because not only do I have to wear a belt (I can use a caribeaner just on belt loops, no belt needed) but I also have to weave the belt through the loops, and it's just stupid time-consuming to me.

Also, I've probably spelt caribeaner 50 different ways in this post. I really should just look up the correct spelling. Sorry about that.


On other people, tails looks fine (worn when in appropriate events/locations, of course). On me, however, tails just make me feel ridiculous and stupid, so I do not wear them. Same thing with fursuits.

It's all up to the person. Some people shouldn't ever wear them unless they're at a convention or meet. Other people look fine and not that funny.


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i wear my tail in public sometimes :) and my collar... i used to wear a tail to school sometimes, my ears and collar too