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Webcomic: Adventures of Martha and Liza ( Reptile Anthro Mutant Girl)


Helo everyone, i want to present my main webcomics, The Story tells about Genius but a bit asperger autistic Woman - Named Martha Crowford, that tries to create a formula to regenerate her missed Arm, but she's too rush to test it on herself and thats caused of her alter ego Liza is Born !
The Comics itself you can read on my Site - https://monstergirlshideout.com/comic?c=adventures_of_martha_and_liza

You also can support my web comicses there https://www.patreon.com/fantasyfetishlair
Not to throw shade at you or anything, more power to you and all, but the whole gifted scientist loses their arm and uses reptilian DNA in an attempt to grow it back and it goes horribly wrong thing sounds really familiar.

Besides that one little nitpick, your comic is great, and the art is good.