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Webcomic List thread




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Ok, this one's for the Mil-Furs; http://www.deltabravosierra.us/ updates Mon/Thursday, drawn by an active US Army Msgt. Furry and crowd sourced plot. Some good gags, some you'll only get if you were military. Art is comparable to what you would find in the newspapers.

Hinalle K.

Oh, there's this : http://www.prequeladventure.com/2011/03/prequel-begin/

It's a nice, funny, interactive little comic set in the world of Elder Scrolls, it follows the story of a Khajiit recently arrived in Cyrodill looking to start a new life.
I highly recommend it :T


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I'd like to add some done by the same author that I quite like.

Derideal (Irr. Furry): A comic based around the experiments of the Consortium, a Dystopian government, with the purposes of War. The comic follows the main characters Adres and Laura as they struggle to find out who, or what they are...

Project Prime (Irr. Furry): A comic based around the following mass produced creatures for war, using knowledge gained from the prototypes. The comic follows the main characters Rob and Beta 3-8 as they perform their first mission together, under the commands of the Consortium.

Purpurina Effect (Irr. Furry): A comedic and less sensical comic created using forum members as characters. There are two chapters, the first is about a roleplay that happened on the original forums. the second is based in the Derideal universe.

Legend of the Thorny Rose (Irr. Non-Furry): A story set in a medieval fantasy background. No connection to the other comics.

All of these comics are done by Andres Barra, he usually updates one or two of them each week excepting Derideal. That is released when a complete chapter is finished. I would suggest reading Derideal first, my favourite so far. If you like the comics, feel free to pop into the forums, the forum is a quite small community.


P.S I also really like DreamKeepers, but thats already been linked.


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I'd like to add "CHEVALIER: The Queen's Mouseketeer".


CHEVALIER: The Queen's Mouseketeer



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Have I missed any mention of Endtown?? Very professional looking (kind of French BD style) SF setting post mutagenic war, mutants are either horrible wild monsters or "funny animals" and are being hunted by normal humans. Except for a somewhat jump-the-shark story arc with a Dr Who-esque superbeing, it has been a delight to read so far.
Are you ever going to update this thread, Smelge?

Oh, there's this : http://www.prequeladventure.com/2011/03/prequel-begin/

It's a nice, funny, interactive little comic set in the world of Elder Scrolls, it follows the story of a Khajiit recently arrived in Cyrodill looking to start a new life.
I highly recommend it :T

Eh, fuck. Wish I had that one screenshot of me ranting for three paragraphs about just how well written Katia's downward spiral is.

I recommend Prequel too, though. One of the few furry comics that aren't furry.

Liam Einarr

Wait, what?
www.precociouscomic.com/ Furry Updated Daily SFW A funny comic about some gifted children that make life, difficult, for other people, in hilarious ways!

awkwardzombie.com/ Non-Furry Updated Mondays SFW A great comic based on video games as well as a few about the author. Highly recommend for those seeking a good laugh!
Nice list, I heard a few of them already, I actually stumbled across a list of reportedly "furry" webcomics somewhere on the internet not too long ago while looking for them, haven't really had a chance to check through them properly yet so I don't know the quality or if NSFW. Some might have already been posted but I removed some that the OP listed. Here's the list:

Dreamkeepers - http://www.dreamkeeperscomic.com/
Crimson Flag - http://crimsonflagcomic.com/
AGENCY - http://www.drunkduck.com/AGENCY/
Two Kinds - http://twokinds.keenspot.com/
Altermeta - http://altermeta.net/
Blacksad - http://blacksad-gallery.blogspot.com/
Bear Nuts - http://www.bearnutscomic.com/
Murry Purry - http://www.murrypurry.com/?page_id=375
Precocious - http://www.precociouscomic.com/
Hamsta Powah - http://hamstapowah.com/
Fletcher Apts - http://fletcherapts.com/
Fluffy And Mervin - http://fluffyandmervin.com/
Furry Experience - http://furryexperience.smackjeeves.com/
The Foxfire Chronicles - http://www.ariannia.com/
Dog's Days of Summer - http://www.dogsdaysofsummer.com/
Dandy & Company - http://dandyandcompany.blogspot.com/
Commander Kitty - http://www.commanderkitty.com/
Femmegasm - http://www.aorange.com/
Ebin and May - http://www.radiocomix.com/ebin-and-may/
The Eye of Ramalach - http://theeye.katbox.net/
Urban Jungle - http://www.urbanjunglecomic.com/
Draconia Chronicles - http://draconia.katbox.net/
X Dragoon - http://xdragoon.com/comics/
Stupid Fox - http://stupidfox.net/
Badly Drawn Kitties - http://www.badlydrawnkitties.com/
Raine Dog - http://www.rainedog.com/
The Cyantian Chronicles - http://cyantian.net/
Concession Comic - http://concessioncomic.com/
Wurr - http://wolfpearl.deviantart.com/gallery/401612
Cigarro & Cerveja - http://www.cigarro.ca/
Ozy and Millie - http://www.ozyandmillie.org/
Furthia High - http://furthiahigh.comicgenesis.com/
At The Heart Of It All - http://heart.concessioncomic.com/
Catena - http://catenamanor.com/
The Stupiders - http://www.stupiders.com/comic.php
Cats 'N' Cameras - http://catsncameras.com/cnc/
Suicide For Hire - http://suicideforhire.comicgenesis.com/
Tally Ho - http://www.rhjunior.com/TH/
Two Lumps - http://www.twolumps.net/
Vigil - http://vigil.crimsonflagcomic.com/
The Dawn Chapel - http://dawnchapel.com/
Kit N Kay Boodle - http://kitnkayboodle.comicgenesis.com/
Last Res0rt - http://www.lastres0rt.com/
Little Tales - http://www.little-tales.com/
Profiles - http://profilescomic.com/
Woods For The Trees - http://woodsforthetrees.comicgenesis.com/
World Of Fizz - http://fergoandenrique.comicgenesis.com/
Fabuland Housewives - http://brickzone.net/fabuland_housewives.html

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Sadly no. He SAYS he might do it again, but the last time he posted a new page was before I joined this forum...look at the date of that.


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So how big are furries Web-Comic's any way, do a lot of people read them and is there a way to get None Furries to Read them also?