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Webcomic List thread


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"Comic is about Milly Hunter, a bunny squirrel and her adventures in the adult entertainment industry."

Furry, Comedy, Drama, NSFW, updated on a monthly basis :)
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Might I suggest putting "review" in the title, or "my opinion" somewhere so as not to imply that your opinion is fact (as you have).
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I got two that i think are pretty good. http://www.misfile.com/ a bit of gender bending, some yuri undertones, angels and spirits. SFW, non-furry, updates M-F. http://www.cvrpg.com/ A sprite comic (mostly, has some art done by Mab of DMFA fame) and is a general parody of Castlevania, and it has a catgirl mage as one of the main characters. SFW, updates M-F


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I love this thread! I was wondering where I could find furry web-comics, and this thread is a proverbial gold mine of them! Looks like I have a lot of reading to do!

I noticed that Heliophobic mentioned that there aren't any comics with Anthros in them? Why is that? 'Cause my main one (a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic one) is a very heavily anthro one that's also an AU (it kinda has to be, given the characters are all anthros) that's a comic adaptation of one of my MLP fanfics.

Also, where's a good site to post pages of it on? (Preferably a free site; I can't currently afford anything that I'd have to pay at the moment.) Any suggestions?


Love Me Nice kinda-sorta has anthros in in it, though in the universe of the comic they're specifically cartoon characters, along the lines of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It's about toons working in show business. Updates sporadically.

TJ and Amal
(NSFW in places) a slice-of-lifey kind of story about a dude ending up on a road trip with a stranger he picked up at a bar, basically. I found the characters interesting and the expressions fantastic. Also, ultra super incredi-gay, whether that's a plus or a minus for you. Updates Tuesdays.

Kinda surprised Gunnerkrigg Court hasn't been mentioned. Fantasy boarding school kind of deal, but also kind of... not? It's got an interesting mix of industrial aesthetics, as well as fantasy elements. The art at the beginning is kind of simplistic and unpolished, but it gets much better as the series goes on. (Plus, Coyote is a lot of fun, and I think Reynardine is my favorite.) Updates M-W-F.

And anything by Evan Dahm. Fantasy stories in a world built by the author, with characters that are interesting, sympathetic, and still somehow really alien. He's got two complete stories, one in progress, and a bunch of short stories, but there's no real order to them. Rice Boy is still my favorite. It reminds me a little bit of the arc in Achewood where Ray goes to hell; less cynical, but just as surreal.

I'm not sure how often Evan Dahm updates; frequently, but I'm not sure on what schedule. And who the hell knows when Achewood updates lately.
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Wait; I looked at the list and recognized entirely non-furry comics on there so I'm assuming it's okay to add a non-furry comic to the list?? I hope?
I think this one is really great cuz of the art and the still-in-early-development-but-awesome story:
Ava's Demon [http://www.avasdemon.com/] (Th)
It's about a young girl named Ava and her trials with the demon that has accompanied her since birth. Except it turns out a lot bigger than that. Like they all do.
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Aha! Another one I wanted to add, but the site was down last night: Zebra Girl. Does have anthros, though interestingly enough, not the title character. A woman gets in the way of her friends farting around with magic, gets turned into a demon, finds herself changing with it. One of those comics where the story starts out fairly small and wacky, but works into something cool in later comics. The early art is pretty scratchy, but the later art gets gorgeous. Seems to be on break currently. Updates sporadically when it does.


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you should include slightly damned! its a furry web-comic with great art, unique characters, alot of silly plot twists and many, many, many comedy elements. aimed for people of all ages. no nudity, or nsfw jokes (though there are some bloody battles). it even has an audio book for 25% of the comic!

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Looking at some of these, amazing! I'm really getting into Ava's Demon. The art is incredible!
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I found What Nonsense on a banner ad and always wondered if it had a large furry following. It's more anthro than furry (I guess?) and follows a main character and some secondaries as they just sort of live together in what may be a psychological retreat. The characters can get kind of weird sometimes and the art's good at best (I think it's sometimes/originally traditional) but the constant hinting at weird backstories makes me keep checking for updates. Sadly it only updates about once a month.
There are mentions of violence and I think maybe an affair at one point but it all stays pretty PG-13.


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"The Sprawl" (W)(!) - Dark fantasy, horror, sex, ancient forbidden evil, grisly murder, cursed artifacts and cybernetic horrors.

Shameless self promotion is shameless but I think you'll be glad you checked out the comic. I also post the pages here to FA.


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One of my favorites.

Plush and Blood - Imagine 1984 combined with Mad Max and stuffed animals. A dark brutally violent look into the final days of Utopia and the Apocalypse that follows. The comic is engaging and entertaining even making you stop to think at times. And the author is just an all around nice guy, he'll answer any questions you throw at him. The art starts off simple but over time it improves greatly and develops a consistent style. Sometimes the spelling and grammar could use some work, but Tiredorangecat seems pretty open to fixing any issues someone finds. Overall (IMHO) very original take on pre and post apocalypse.

Davi Escorsin

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Books and Dragons: http://books-and-dragons.com/

So, this is actually my own work, so I'm not gonna say it's my favorite or anything, because that'd be stupid.

Books and Dragons is an interactive webcomic, posted montlhy, between the 10th and the 15th. It's an ongoing fantasy/adventure/comedy series. It is safe for work.

Sinopsis: "Books and Dragons is a fantasy/comedy/adventure webcomic. The story centers on Felix, an antisocial librarian. On day, a dragon girl comes in his library through a book. This girl, Erin, is being chased by two unidentified organizations, one of which is using Nidhogg, a once feared dragon trapped in a tiny form by a curse, to track her down, while making sure she’s safe. And this peculiar situation, of course, attracts all sort of weird and dangerous creatures from other worlds to Felix’s library. Well, good luck, librarian, you’re gonna need it."

Check it out and see if you guys like it!