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Webcomic List thread


Dire Wolf and Dragon Therianthrope
I found this one randomly: Caves and Critters
It's a slightly NSFW comic with a really good storyline, in my opinion. I like it because I can skip past the really NSFW stuff without missing anything. Has no problem with portraying nudity without making it unnecessarily sexualized. Has decent artwork at the beginning, which improves as the story goes.
Basic plot is book dumb lion warrior fights and befriends a morally ambiguous cat Sourcerer (Spelling intentional) and go on adventures. Meanwhile, a Human summoner and his rabbit friend are hunting a demon. Elsewhere, politics ensue.


Wolf of Many Talents


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Shameless self promotion but I'm proud of it:

Space Pawdyssey – Misfits in Space - furry, PG/SFW, Sci-Fi, Updates (Tu/Thu) - A comic about a fox who dreams of being a Galactic Ranger like his hero Captain Connor but ends up finding out that things in space can be more complicated than he'd like and his hero is not quite what he expected. He and his new friend Rowan try to stop a raccoon from throwing a wrench into their first mission.

I also post pages regularly (a day early even) on FA.
Userpage of Frostclaw -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


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I've got a webcomic I've been posting pretty recently. I'm still working on a publishing schedule with my partner, but things are going pretty well story wise.
It's in a bit of a slow burn now and the art style is advancing. It's a furry and human magicpunk/fantasy comic.

I'll link you the smackjeeves page as well: https://transcendencethecomic.smackjeeves.com


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Had to add a few I really love.
www.minnasundberg.fi: A Redtail's Dream - webcomic - non-furry SFW, Completed. - This is a comic about a guy and his shape changing dog travelling through the ream of dream to save his village. Set in Finland and drawing heavily on Finnish mythology it has beautiful art and fun characters.
www.sssscomic.com: Stand Still. Stay Silent - webcomic - non-furry SFW, M Tu Th F (really reliably!). - Set about a hundred years from now, the world has mostly been lsot to a virus. Creatures have mutated and a rag tag band of misfits are going into the unsafe territory of Denmark to investigate. Despite how it sounds, this is mostly a very sweet piece about the characters and their adventure, with some action and stunning art.


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Hi, just wanted to throw in my weekly webcomic, Avania, at WorldofAvania.com (and on my FA too!)

Avania follows the roguish Captain Hans Schmutzesser, who seeks a return to glory after his dusty frontier fort becomes host to some surprising guests... Set in a world of swords, guns, airships, and magic, Avania focuses on character relationships and conflicts as the diverse groups present at the fort must learn to work together before it's too late!


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Here it is my comic.
I've just posted 2 pages on my profile, but I'm still working on it.
Here the description:
"Aelia is a young girl who lives in her Domus with his Father.
She wants to marry Nero, her true love, who's just a poor ceramist.
That's why Nero working harder to buy a proper dowry to ask Aelia's hand to her father.
But, one day, Aelia's Father decide to sell her daughter to a rich ex-general for let his farm survive to the crisis".

The story will proceed and Aelia will against a lot of inconvenient situations.
I've thought for a verisimilar story, according to the historical period where is narrated: the Ancient Roman Empire.

Every page will be published on my Patreon first, and only after 2 weeks will it be public.
Here it is my Patreon TheBlackRuby is creating comic and furry | Patreon

The characters in this comic are Original Characters of mine
I hope you'll like it ^^
www.furaffinity.net: The Domus' Jewel by TheBlackRuby


Tanya Is my Turtlesona
Could We Introduce a new Furry Comic Called Herp City? [Reptile World] Some Turtles might walk medium and fast, but in real life for real turtles they crawl slowest.

the art style of this comic is 100% realistic animal style!

webcomic idea.png
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Here's my comic, it's story about bunch of young adults and teens who struggle with everyday problems, family and financial issues, school, work and intolerance.

The main character - Oscar - is young inventor who wants to become famous, but all of his effords fail because of his excessive ambitions and grumpy aunt.

Comedy-drama with Science-Fiction and Romance elements
English version: http://oscar.the-comic.org/
Polish version: http://oskar.the-comic.org/


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I have a web comic called Harry. I just uploaded the digital version of one of my mini comics. You can read it here:



I make comics!
I've got a furry webcomic! And I'd love to be added to the list!~

It's called... SlumberTown!
Here's a link to the main page and domain: https://slumbertowncomic.com/


Hi! I have a short webcomic about one of my main OCs.

It's made of a few short stories circling around one character and their backstory, crime/mystery genre. it's currently on hiatus as I prepare the next part

Slith a middle-aged barista, is being followed by a mysterious black dog with hollow eyes. By the time the creature is grown up Slith develops severe insomnia. Luckily, he found a solution for this dreadful ailment.
Link: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/intoxicated/list?title_no=681989


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Hi! I have a furry webcomic too^^

It's called "Fluffy and The Beast".

It's a medieval fantasy themed comic inspired by my favorite movies, games, and toys and you can read it here:


"Vanilla, the fabulous princess. Qistaf, the brute king. Their fate intertwine in a very surreal situation when a magic spell changed their life forever."

It will be a great honor for me if you want to add my comic to the list, Thank you very much!


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Miles Marsalis

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