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Webcomic List thread


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Anyone who wants to give our lil' webcomic a read would be greatly appreciated! Also it'd be lovely to be added to any list ^_^/
I've worked on it for 8 going on 9 years with my husband Skidd~ :D

UberQuest - is a fantasy scifi weekly webcomic that follows Sesame, on a quest of vengence and truth about whom killed her father and destroyed her village. Along the way she encounters others, finding herself embroiled in a world-ward whilst the key to her world's salvation or destruction lays with ancient relics know as ubers.

You can also find it on

Thanks ^w^/ !



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I recently stumbled over a 2019 retrospective on Lauren Monger's work, and I think the author does a good job of capturing exactly what the appeal of Terrible, Terrible, Terrible is, namely that aimlessness can be a comfortable trap. I noticed that when I tried to look at the Vice articles like this one where her comics are posted, the images are broken. Is this just me, or are they broken for everyone?

I didn't play Night in the Woods, but it feels like its in the same genre of "young, aimless people with some occult stuff".


The publisher who worked with her, Silver Sprocket, does mostly indie stuff and there are a few others that have anthro characters.