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Webcomic: Monster girls on tour


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I have been posting drawings for a while in the galery, and recently began a full Monster girls comic (i have another comic with monster girls and scalies called Guild adventure, but they are secondary characters), since i don't dwell much in the forums i guess this is the right place to put a webcomic. It's an absurd humor strip comic with creatures like salamanders, slimes, kitsunes, panda ants, etc, probably some scaly and the ocasional apparition of a furry otter.


The comic is mostly senseless jokes related to geek culture mixed with the different humanoid characteristics. I update it on Saturdays on both english and spanish on my own website:

Monster girls on tour cover - kukuruyo


The creatures in the comic are actually decided by popularity, i have a poll with a big number of species where people can vote their 3 favourites. The most popular are introduced in the comic and will remain there if they keep being popular Choose your 3 favourite Monster girls - kukuruyo

This are some of the creatures already decided to be in the comic






I don't know if it's allowed but if it is i will post the updates on the comic.


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I though this forum had died or something? or at least i remember i stopped updating because i had read that somewhere.

Well, if it's not dead i can keep updating.

For those who want to begin reading you can do here Monster girls on tour cover - kukuruyo

And this is the latest page published, it updates on Tuesday and Saturday. The comic began with just random humor strips but it's now picking up a story due to success 126. Unsung heroes - kukuruyo

Frostbyte The Shark

Damn, you've caught my interest. I will go check out your comic good sir!

Liam The Red

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Welcome back!
The site is not dead, just went through "one of those things". It is actually going through a little bit of revival lately.