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Submission Problem: Week old submission no longer in gallery, but in sub. management?


Anyone else have this issue? One of my submissions I submitted 12 days ago isnt showing up in my gallery, but is showing up under the submission management page.

Also anyone else finding their journal notifications and other artist submissions randomly deleting? o_O

EDIT/UPDATE: So the submission is back oddly, and no it wasnt the nsfw button that was the first thing i check earlier. though I am still having the problems with my watched submissions and journals dissappearing.
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UPDATE: So this is officially a bug I'm experiencing. I've noticed the SFW filter is turned on without being turned on - ie it isnt highlighted, wont turn off with any amount of toggling, and randomly turns itself on.

I noticed it because the url for the site was showing sfw.furaffinity.net which means the filter is turned on. In order to turn it off I have to plug in nsfw and go to that url. Dunno how to fix this or if anyone else is having this problem.


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Might you be following another user's links when this happens? The sfw subdomain is used by some people for whom it for one reason or another is inconvenient to use the toggle-button (which should not send you to the sfw subdomain, or at least does not when I test), and overrides any other account settings - www should be enough to clear the problem if it's the URL-based SFW filter that's on.

So in short, the URL filter and the button filter are two different means to an end, and the URL filter does not toggle the way the button filter does.
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As mungo said, the subdomain and the "SFW" buttons are two separate, unrelated functions.

Basically, this means the site's working as intended, in this regard.