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Weekend D&D Campaign... with a twist!


Fasto catto and LPW's #1 ~C U S S~ expert
Hello, ladies and gents. I have come to introduce a modified type of D&D campaign with all new stats and peculiarities.

What's the twist, you say?

It's based on my novel, The Story of Luke: Journey of Souls. And yes, that's what my name means. Remember it. You'll be screaming it later. :p

Please respond to this thread or message me for more details. For obvious reasons, I can't post any information on it here as it would contain spoilers for my book until I write the appropriate section.

If you choose to partake in this little adventure, you may end up giving me ideas. As a result, if I'm inspired by anything that happens during a campaign, you will receive an honorable mention in the dedications section of my book.