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weird things


What is the weirdest thing thats happen to you all?

For me I actually saw the future ina dream once... Nothing important though but it was so creepy.
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I had some Kansas City hood n*gga at a party tell me that I should be "walking around grippin my nuts acting like I own this bitch" after I told him I'm from Manhattan.
I think he was part of Bump's posse (Basketball player).
It was a confidence boost :)

A straight guy introduced himself to me in a gay bar, apparently, it's really easy picking up chicks in gay bars.
I don't disagree

My mom still sneaks condoms in my bags
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The weirdest? I've predicted things before as well in my dreams, pretty creepy.

I'd have to say that the weirdest thing to happen to me was an an anime convention when a very obese man in a tiny white towel with a bright orange wig came up to my group of friends yelling random obscene things, while his friend approached me with a plastic butterfly and tried to give me "butterfly kisses".

I don't know what they were on but I want some.
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Woke up in the middle of the night, with no cover on.
I just layed there for 20 minutes (yeah, 20 minutes) wondering about which song I should think about to get my cover back.
Then I realized it was on the floor.


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Some weird synchronicity shit.


Probably mentioned it before, but for a couple of months I turned bisexual for about 10 minutes every other evening.


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Friend in college kept helping me out, took me to parties and treated me like a true friend for once in my life, but every time he did those nice things i was more attracted to him and wanted to come out and kiss him, this happened nearly every day for two months, and he was straight so it was like torture every time i saw him


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Weird things? Heck, that happens a lot. Just earlier I was at the school lookin' for an ATM when some random guy just kissed me & said "Hey hun, how were your exams?". He then looked at me, blinked, turned away & walked away, shaking.

I think I'm lookin' more & more like a girl.


I caught a sturgeon in the Columbia. (A really big fish.) All by myself. I let it go, I was so freaked out.


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For me I actually saw the future ina dream once...

I know how you feel. I hate those future dreams. No help at all when the time comes and as confusing as the last 2 episodes of Neon Genisis Evangelion.


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i had one last night, i was leaving my dads nieghborhood driving an M35A2 barely moving 20 mph on 5th gear being chased by kids. the wierd part was me having to stand on the floor to switch gears and touch the gas. i switched to 1st and back through the other gears. felt like an hour trying to get out of a 1 mile stretch.


There was this one time, I actually enjoyed what I saw on tv...



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I'm pretty sure that I once saw a tree moving. Yea. A tree was moving! And not breezing in the wind, it moved 2 meters from where it stood. After 10 minutes of cowering behind a bench peaking on the tree in fear I went to investigate, and there was not a sign of that it had moved, but I swear it did!

I have also had future dreams. And I guess its becouse the human minds "remembers the future". Experiences from the past are mixed together and makes up a guess about what will happen in the future, but when speech is dreamed and then heard I'm freaked out!


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I'm kinda surprised by the future dreamers, I've had that happen too, I thoguth I was going crazy. it always kinda feels like skipping way ahead in a book, reading a paragraph , then going back to where you were. its so wierd to have that blip of future finally materialize and understand the small details. if only it had more purpose.

I'll have to look into theory on that, because somehow the future shouldnt be so static, isnt it supposed to be extremely flexible?


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I'll have to look into theory on that, because somehow the future shouldnt be so static, isnt it supposed to be extremely flexible?
Either that, or its perfectly static. Think about it. If you build a timemachine and go back in time you will either
1) Change the events of the future and altering the space/time continum (extreme flexible timeline) or
2) Not make any change in history due to the timetraveler was supposed to go to the time and space he went to, and had been there before the timemachine even existed and the timetravel was a part of the timeline all along (Completly static timeline)


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i was dating a guy in california, and i met someone at a pet store here in VA that turned out to be good friends with him :V

of course, he turned out to be a mexican that had stolen his phone, but hey, it was still weird!


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Woke up in the middle of the night, forgot where the light switch was, and spent half an hour looking for it all over my room... I have no idea why or how it happened...