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Weirdest/Funniest thing you ever google searched


Care to join me for a bit?
mine was "baby jesus butt plug"

thanks Chill XD


Gah, I had a bunch of those written down... But the only thing I can actually find right now is:

" <{8-( "

Still puzzled as to why would I search for that. Oh, and there's also:

"god hates figs"

What's amusing about that is the result.
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Lillie Charllotte

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'One day I'll fuck your parents.'

Midi Bear


I was very bored in class and wanted to make Dave (guy I know) laugh with whatever results I got...


'Furry art'


Did a search for "Fart in a bottle" once, to see if there was a product by that name.
Hmm... It'll have to be a tie between "natural enemy of the slinky" and " Nous vivons Dans un monde Pokémon ! Pokémon ! Chaque jour qui passe Est un défi Ã* relever ! Pokémon !" I don't remember what the first one was for, but the second one is part of the season 2 theme song of the Pokémon anime. In french. I don't even speak French.


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i think it was "krystal" and lo-and-behold the filter was off and BOOM stolen art form doctor comet... hello first time furry fandom!


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mine was "baby jesus butt plug"

thanks Chill XD

Hah, I remember googling that a while back after refusing to beleive a friend didn't make that up. Sure showed me. As it happens, the book titled the same was actually pretty damn good.
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Funniest? Probably "prince of bel air dance party" I dunno why i searched that

and weirdest, "neko tentacle hentai" =D

Midi Bear

I once did a search for Nargle, many years ago, and I came up with this.
That's actually awesome! XD
I think I just may save that to show mom whenever I decide to tell her I'm a fur.


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Somethign in the direction "Dragon +Mating -gay -hot -chick -free -anal..." (-.- You don't believe how much Spam in guestbooks you find.

At least i made the experience that to much "-"'s cuz google, to ignore all "-"'s... What casues you get more Spam then less -.-


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"Papa Smurf can I lick your ass"

I'm not quite sure what the purpose of that was.


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Not really funny, but pretty weird and ironic.

I once did a search for Nargle, many years ago, and I came up with this.

I was stunned, because I was just getting into the furry fandom, and here comes a furry article written by someone with my name! Well, not my real name, but still.

Now all I come up with when I search Nargle is stupid Harry Potter links >=(

Nargle, I must thank you. You might have just possibly saved me from getting disowned from my family when they find out I'm a furry. Again, thank you SO much.


"Google", "googling google", "help me my laptop is trying to eat me and I cannaaasasssszzzwwwaaaa"

I'm odd.


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I suppose "However, if you want a bunch of hairy arsed blue painted guys in skirts charging about with large chopping implements, they're your faction." is pretty weird.

What about the "Church of Hatology" which is the church I started for hat wearers (I wanted to make sure no one else had started it)


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Gay Marriage...LULZ to be had!