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Weirdest/Funniest thing you ever google searched

I googled my mother's name once and found her obituary. o-O

I just googled myself and found there's another girl with my first and last name. And my last name isn't common. It's Americanized German and... people always read it wrong.

It was embarassing when I had to annouce the first four letters of my last name on a SAT test out loud. >.>
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Scented Jewish Ninja Pirate
My name, by far.
I'm dead while in the military and running my own business while apparently re-graduating from collage with a different hair color at NASA.


The Monster Under Your Bed
i Google'd my friend's names once, the results were porn sites, auto shops, and steroid wholesale internet stores.


The Monster Under Your Bed
i just googled my own name, and found a facebook account with the name spelled the exact way mine was. and i found a basketball score list for him too. and he lives in.. Milwaukee? 0_o


100% organic vegan hubbas
Harlequin babies. Holy shit I was scarred for life.
LOL. I was mildly queasy when I saw it the first time, but then I browsed rotten.com. I am now completely desensitized to pretty much everything.


I've got a few. Let's see now...

"Digital wang" + mockery
"nude pictures of cheese"
crotch stench
extraterrestrial dinosaurs
vagina cast iron

...And that's all the awesome ones I could find. I'm REALLY confused about that "nude pictures of cheese" one. When the HELL did I look that one up, and WHY?!