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Welcome to Paleolithic Camp


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What jobs do you see yourself doing?



Daedric Prince of Secrets
Cutting up animals, since that's something I wouldn't have to leave the camp for and I have a general idea of already.


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
I'm a versatile yeen, could do several.

Cutting stones, it's quite fascinating to me how one can make a useful tool out of a piece of rock. Totally gonna try one day.

Making fire, sounds fun! But also maintaining it, I mean, someone's got to do this. And I'm responsible like that, with me you wouldn't need to worry that it goes out.

Gathering, I know a good deal about plants of all sorts. Could include some medicinal herbs too.

And by the way, in case you need a shaman, you wouldn't need to look any further. ;)


I would be hut.

But gathering and making tools sound cool.


Fundamentalist Heretic
Starving as I dream about a wondrous age when people would have the luxury of staring at glowing screens and discussing a time and lifestyle they could scarcely imagine.

In all seriousness, if my memory of history is correct, pretty much everyone was expected to do all of those jobs from time to time. Specialization of skills didn't really happen the advent of farming.


Woof? Woof
Can I BE the cave? Fuck yeah!

Queen Brie

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If I could be Hut that would be great! I'd be warm and comfortable and everyone would want to be near me. But if anything I'd probably fish or make slings/bolos to hunt birbs


mane diva
Beeing the medicine man caring for the wounded and bidding the spirits for a prolific hunt.


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upside down kelsey grammar would want to annihilate the entire tribe. upside down kelsey grammar would win.