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Welcome to Paleolithic Camp


Fundamentalist Heretic
I'll be the black monolith that shows up out of nowhere, stirs up shit until everyone's killing each other and then disappears again to hang out on the Moon and watch the chaos.

Hmm... the aliens from 2001 sound like a bunch of interstellar trolls when I phrase it like that...


Cup O' Depresso
I'll take Toolmaking, Cooking, and Fishing. Those I know for sure I can accomplish with my current skillset. Though drying out meat might also fall under the category of cooking if it's like smoking it.


Friendly Maney | Once Upon a Laugh, all started <3
Probably cutting stones for tool making, fishing, try rope creation and general planning like plans for hunters and camp animal protection perimeters

I'd like to try it one day ^w^


International Man of Mystery
Cooking for life!

Vanessa Howl

Damsel Of Darkness
Standing right outside the camp to guard it from wild animals and possible intruders.

My success rate is very high and I am feared by other tribes for my mercilessness and skill.