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Welcome To the Dungeon(s And Dragons)!


Nemnth Ferheart Dragon
I had an idea, why don't we play a little forum game version of Dungeons and Dragons? (Sorry if this isn't the right place, just throw the thread somewhere else if it isn't, this is a game so I thought it might go here!)

I'll be the DM or the Dungeon Master. Whatever I say, goes. I'll be handling all the rolls and will be making all the monsters stats and everything. When we encounter one, I will post their info at that time.

Anyone can play, if it's your first time posting on this thread, give a short description of your character, anything is acceptable. Make sure you specify your class and their perfect trait! (Out of strength, intelligence, or agility) I will be giving people abilities and their character stats, as in what spells you can cast along with info about the spells, and how much health your character has, their agility, and intelligence. Your character description matters due to this! It will influence what points I will put into what!

This is not off the rules of real D&D but the basic idea. So all spells and moves will be made based off of the game, but everything is re-worked so it's simple to play on a forum.

After you chose what you want, you can NOT take anything back. After it's posted, it's posted! What you did, or what you want, goes! As long as the DM approves it!


ANYTHING! Just tell me what you want in your character's bio and I will make special abilities based off of it, but also weakness! Keep this in mind, it will follow suit general things about said species!

Humans are regular though, they have no special abilities but also no weaknesses. They're the basic "I don't know" species.


These follow the basic D&D rules.
Chaotic Evil - You're evil, and you want to see the world burn. Act like it!
Chaotic Neutral - You love havoc, but can side if you wanna do good or bad. As long as there's havoc!
Neutral Evil - You may do bad things, you tend to do more evil things though.
Neutral Neutral - You don't really care, do you?
Neutral Good - You're good, but you don't care in what way you do it.
Lawful Neutral - You follow the laws, but you don't care if it screws others over or not or if it helps them.
Lawful Good - You're a goody two shoes aren't you? No evil for you!
Lawful Evil - Uhm... You follow the laws but hope the worst for everyone?
Chaotic Good - You love doing good things, but love doing them in ways that could get you jailed.


Warrior - Basic fighter. Generally carries a sword and shield, any alignment is possible, you love strength!
Paladin - Has to be Lawful Good. Will get special abilities along the lines of killing undead. You love strength!
Archer - Basic archer, you get a basic bow and arrows. More advanced archers get a better chance for spotting. You prefer agility.
Rouge - You love to sneak around. You love to surprise people, and enemies. You deal extra damage attacking from behind. You prefer agility.
Mage - Basic spells, you get a staff, basic mage stuff. Spells you receive will be based off of character personality. You desire for intelligence.
Sorcerer - No staff for you! You tend to deal more damage with spells, but take a lot more damage. As for mage, your spell will be based off of personality. You desire for intelligence.


Strength - How tank you are, this means your HP!
Agility - How fast you are, how skillful you are.
Intelligence - How smart or how effective you are.
AC - Armour Class, this is where if you will get hit. If you have an AC of 13, and with a d20, I roll a 15 when an enemy is attacking you, you will get hit! But if I roll 12, then you are fine!


If the DM ever rolls a 20, said person or enemy gets a critical. These can be very devastating and are all decided by the DM!
If a 1 is ever rolled though, this is a critical FAILURE. If the DM rolls a one, generally said person or enemy is going to either hurt themselves or their allies.

I will be doing all the rolls so no need to worry about dice!

Every post of actions should follow suit at least 2 actions, including back up actions since this is a forum! Here is an example: (1)I want to go to pick the lock. (2a) Then I want to search the house. (2b) If I fail the lock-pick, I want to go pickpocket someone instead!

When talking out of character, put it in these! () This includes questions!

Also, please allow for 3 people to make a move and then wait for the DM to reply. I work and have a life too and the game can not be running without them!

I can't think of much else to add. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. This is still a work in progress! Have fun and don't forget to make your character!

I also reserve the ability to end the game at any time! This will only be done though if I'm extremely busy or if there are lack of responses.