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Tiny Neko
1. No underage Content please! ((Loli and shouta if any will lead to being Banned))
2. Before you, Join Make sure that you are 18+ this is an NSFW channel! ((No exceptions if you are below the age instant-ban))
3. Respect others and their boundaries (( if they are not interested then please respect that! If they continue to bother you there is the block option and if it continues then it will result into a Ban))
4. No Kink shaming allowed! (( Respect everyone and their certain fetishes! ))
5. God Modding is allowed to a certain point but remember to follow rules 3 and 4, please!
6. Macros are allowed to have slaves/pets ((At Most 2))
7. Do not bother someone with messages constantly if you are this will result in a suspension for 24hours
8. Do not Spam!
9. Before DMing, someone makes sure it says on their profile "Ask DM, DM Friendly and No Dm's" it shows respect and so it doesn't bother someone.
10. Real life Gore is not allowed on the server.

These are just some of the rules please make sure to follow them please :D
I want to make sure this is another safe area for all Micro and Macro Furries to have fun!

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Tiny Neko
Remember once you add your
Roles that you want then you can see the entire server!

We do this to protect the server from being taken down
Again this is an 18+ NSFW Server!