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Well fuck you too, laptop mouse


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So for some...totally random ass reason, the whole right side of my laptop left-click button wont work:eek:.

Which is a pain in the ass, because its easiest to move the pointer and click in the top right corner of the button, which means I now gotta stretch my fingers to be able to do both.

I didnt even spill anything, bump my laptop, or really anything. Its just been chilling in my room like normal, when it just decided it hates me and is gonna troll the fuck out of me ._.

Is there a way I can fix it? The only thing I can think of is a loose connection somewhere that provides the click to the computer.


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Maybe a spring on the actual button has given way, if it is possible, try taking it off the actual plastic off the button (Only if it pops off, and then clips back on again; you don't want to break anything else!) and putting the spring back in place.
If that didn't do anything helpful (Or you couldn't get it off) then you have two choices. 1: Put up with it. 2: Buy a small external USB mouse, like this one.


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Do you transport your laptop often or does it just chill in the one spot? The contacts might be loose or the spring could be bad as the previous poster said. If you can easily remove the button check it out, or you might need to open up your laptop to get to it. Maybe trying one of those canned air things could help if there's some dust/hair in there.


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HP laptop? My sister had the same problem. That's what you get when you buy the cheap stuff at Best Buy I guess.