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Well hello there!


New Member
So my username is AutumnrainChaos, but I go by ARC. I joined FA apparently a very long time ago, but forgot about it until recently.

Now... I'm technically a newbie at... well everything Fur-related, and though most of my rp characters are NOT furs, many of them are animal-related. I have this weird love for werewolves.

So I'm... a little nervous about all of this, but I want to play and meet new friends and I have a few furries but I love making new characters all the time.

Er that was long-winded.

Hi ^^; I'm new and terrified.


*reading intensifies
anyways welcome to FAF, haves yourself some fun
Welcome to the forum! Hope ya enjoy yourself around here!
If ya ever wanna talk, just message me! ^^


Vanguard of Solitude
Nice to mer you Arc ^^ Welcome to the forums and don't worry most don't bite..o_O least I hope not lol