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Well, here is my Fursona


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So there are two variations to my bear fursona and each with a different name, personality wise they share similar traits :p

The first one is Naesaki Ashwell and is the more real life representation of me as a person so is more or less a literal extension of me, while the second one is Reid Llewellyn and is my more fantasy/steampunk counterpart and will be one of the central protagonists in a story I will soon be writing.

Variation 1# Naesaki Ashwell ft My Bf's Fursona Shadow Ashwell. (Art by Paigeyleighwolf)

Age - 23
Sex -
Species - Bear
Height - 5ft 10"
Build - Stocky / Chubby
Fur Colour -Brown fur all over, lighter shade of brown across his snout, chest and stomach
Eye Colour - Amber
Personality - Big Softie, Heart on his Sleeve, Gentle, Kind, Easily Embarrassed, Empathetic
General Behaviour - Gets emotional very easily, is extremely shy with most people until he warms up to them, tends to avoid swearing when possible.
Hobbies - Writing, Playing Video Games, Visual Novels, Watching Anime/Reading Manga;Light Novels
Favourite Writer - George R.R. Martin
Top 5 Video Game Series - Persona, Tales Of, Fire Emblem, Dragon Age, Legend of Heroes
Favourite Visual Novel - Morenatsu
Favourite Anime - Can't Decide!!! >w<;
Fears - Spiders, Wasps, Deep Ocean, Heights
Desired Job Role - Care/Support Worker

Variation 2# Reid Llewellyn (Art by Paigeyleighwolf)

Age - 19
Gender - Male
Race - Bearryn
Sub Race - Black Bear
Profession - Alchemist
Eye Colour - Orange/Amber
Fur Colour - Appalachian Brown
Ear Type - Edge of ears slightly pointed.
Build - Stocky/Chubby, Thick Legs & Chest
Height - 6ft 4"
Class - Alchemist
Weapon of Choice - Books, Manipulating Paper
Magic Ability - Elementalism
Personality - Gentle, Laidback, Easily Embarrassed, Kind, Intelligent
Personal quirks and mannerisms - Will often scratch bridge of nose when nervous, if really embarrassed ears will actually glow red.

Some of Reid's Personal Quotes below.
"I'm n-n-not afraid! I c-can be brave to!"

"I won't just stand there while innocents suffer, I'll fight too!"

"You think I'm c-c-cute? Who!? me!? No you m-must h-h-have me confused with someone else."

"To think such ruins still existed!? The architecture is very reminiscent of ancient Taorr culture.....wait, Taorr ruins this far north? What could this mean? I must delve deeper into the ruins!"
Character History - Orphaned at a very young age, Reid never knew his parents and unfortunately had to grow up on the streets of the Asgard capital of Freyaer, during his early childhood he made few friends other than for one individual, a young Cait Sith girl by the name of Anna Oakwell, she too was orphaned through unknown means, both of them simply abandoned at the door to an orphanage, where they remained until they were 11.

The two quickly became best friends and developed a brother-sister bond that could never be broken, as Reid reached his teenage years his true personality began to take shape and go on a different path to Anna though their bonds only grew stronger.
While Anna's personality took on a more sarcastic undertone, Reid's personality is what many would call, laidback. Life on the streets was fairly simplistic and uneventful and as long as you stayed out of the way of the city guard you were generally left alone.

Though Reid is generally laidback, he would give the city guard grief on a frequent basis with his partner in crime Anna who dragged him along unwillingly most of the time.
Though during one particular prank, everything that could go wrong, did, several people were injured by a contraption of Anna's design, several buildings in the cities market district were heavily damage and the pair where thrown into prison.

Despite the newfound hardship in their mid-teens their spirits were never dampened and after a couple weeks in prison, a benefactor arrived who would change the course of their lives forever.
Suddenly sprung from prison by a middle aged Fenrian by the name of Raven Loewe he offered them a choice, rot in prison forever or become his personal retainers and servants, they of course chose a life service to this mysterious man.

Far within the southern district of the city lays a serene hill and on top a large scale observatory, the man who decided to take them in, is what he described as a Researcher of the Stars and Cosmos.
He didn't give them a proper reason as to why he saved their lives, he simply said he wanted able bodies to help him with his research and that he was performing what he believed to be a civic duty by giving young vagabonds a second chance at life. Though it thankfully gave Reid and Anna something they always craved, a home, life with Luan wasn't easy, they were both put through rigorous training based on dormant and latent abilities within them.

Reid discovered he had a natural gift to manipulate the primal elements of the world, fire, earth, wind and water and to amplify these gifts he was given a special bracelet which would allow him to cast spells and enchantments.

As well developing these abilities he also developed some martial prowess with a long dagger and found a passion for the fine art of alchemy, creating potions, bombs and elixirs.
His life was fairly peaceful with the odd chaotic event thrown in to spice things up whenever Raven sent him and Anna on a particular mission outside of the city in order to gather materials, fighting the various monsters that litter the world became the norm.

Though his life would soon change again with the coming of the 500th Anniversary of the Harvest Festival, a chance meeting with another individual would change his life and potentially the very course of history.

Well here he is, hope you guys like him :p :3
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Oh hey!
I like the appearance of the second one. The darker brown is way easier on the eyes and the costume is pretty nice.

I've never really been one for bios though, so I can't give you any useful feedback on that stuff.


INterresting you can manipulate paper and and magic ability elementism . tss who needs elements I can manipulate time and space .
But paper is overpowered.
My personalyty is stronger than mine and i am also emotional and shy.


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I have to admit, I really enjoy this one, both of the pictures are adorable, and despite there being no backstory to either I can tell you put some effort into him.


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I have to admit, I really enjoy this one, both of the pictures are adorable, and despite there being no backstory to either I can tell you put some effort into him.

There's no backstory specifically for the first one, as its the real life variation of me, so backstory wise it would be "my life" xD

as for Reid my fantasy/story fursona there is backstory I have for him that I may post if anyone is interested


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I already like you.

hehe xD just thought I'd pick something that isn't used as often when it comes to weapons for a spellcaster, since I usually see more Staves and Scepters than full on wielding a book/tome

As for my main source of inspiration for it, well..... Rita Mordio from Tales of Vesperia(loosely since she only use it for some physical attacks), the Paper Sisters from Read or Die TV Series and Alice from Shadow Hearts.


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There's no backstory specifically for the first one, as its the real life variation of me, so backstory wise it would be "my life" xD

as for Reid my fantasy/story fursona there is backstory I have for him that I may post if anyone is interested

I like how you've made 2 versions of him , I'd do that but the only difference is my fursona would be a pyromaniac with fire magic and raising dead ppl
Weapons of choice are very...different


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Both are really cute especially love the first fursona which is extension of you with your bf. I love art like that I think it's the cutest thing ever. Second awesome backstory you put a lot into it. I am fairly new to this whole community and the fandom but have read a lot of furry stories and have not written but imagined some of my own. XP and if you ever go to Anthrocon I hope to see you there would be great to meet you and your bf. I'm sure you two are a great couple.


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Here is another variation of my main fursona / my irl perspective :) created by the amazingly talented TairuPanda <3