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Well hey.


New Member
Just started, and to be completely honest, this is the first I've posted to a site like this. It is all very new to me, and though browsing and posting was not very difficult to get the hang of, I am a bit alone.
I'm not exactly the most entertaining person, and I feel my art needs alot more work, but at least I'm friendly!
So if there is anyone out there curious to meet a noobie and maybe talk some, I am a willing new buddy.


Hi there and welcome to the forums! c:
What do you like to do besides drawing, if I may ask?


New Member
Hi there, I'm super new to. I've been on forums before but never like this. took me 15 years to come out of the kennel. lol
hope we become fast friends :) Add me if you like. not to sure how this site's UI works yet.


New Member
I am sorry I do not spend alot of time on forums and missed all you lovely people and your comments. OTL
@Ansitru I spend alot of time roleplaying though that has slowed down, and I do enjoy video games.

@TrinityWolfess I am too, hope to talk more sometime!

@DragonFU My bad, I will go and fix that. Thank you for pointing it out, and tha nks for your kind words.

@Kittyknight I just never spend much time in forums so it is all fairly new to me and I am already failing...

@Everyone else, thank you very much!