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Well hi!


Hello fellow furs and I'm new, obviously. I became interested in the furry fandom about three months ago when I saw there was gonna be a fur con near me. I've had a fur friend who I thought was really freaky for the longest time. Being new is interesting and I haven't made any fur friends online for the most part, so why not say hello. I'm quite nice, at least I think I am. :D


New Member
Nevada huh? Ever been to DEFCON? I know it's not a furry con, but oh my god it's like Christmas for me. Are you into learning about technology?


Well my hobbies could consist of video games, drawing, and playing magic the gathering.
As for DEFCON, I've never heard of it. I'll defiantly learn about it.
Also I love learning about technology. I'm somewhat of a techie.