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Well this is interesting...

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I have a need for a poster--propoganda(like) poster to be exact.

Unfortunately, it is a bit of a secret and it's for my mate; so any interested parties can post here and I can send a note with the details.

A few details before you post:

1. It can be digital or traditional. If it is digital, it should high resolution so it can be blown up to fit a poster sized piece of paper. If it is traditional, then it should be made on a 17" x 25" piece of paper.

2. There is a deadline for July 5th.

That is all :)


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My mate and I are very interested. The deadline also wouldn't be a bother at all. We're digital art. Send us the details when you're ready and we can start right away.


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Well you have me wondering what this is about.
I'm in and up for it! Feel free to send me a message here, or on FA. :)


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I'd love to have a go at this! Depending on what you need, I'm thinking perhaps of rendering it in the style of the Obama/OBEY meme posters, in Illustrator so you can ask to have it resized to whatever resolution you want. Again, depending on what you need drawn, I'd hazard a rough estimate of between $25-45, and definitely doable by July.

Here's some samples of my Illustrator work:

Here's my regular gallery: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/toraneko/

If you're interested, just drop me an email :3 raijirou@gmail.com


I'm gonna say $30 because of the size, but if that's fine, I'm certainly interested. ^.=.^ I can do digital or traditional (or even a mix of both!), but I prefer traditional art. It gets done much faster. And unless this is uber-complicated, I can probably have it done by the end of the week. ~.=.^ I have no wait list right now. =3 Feel free to send me a note here or on my FA of the same name. ^.=.^
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For this project, I'm estimating that my range would be between $60 for a simple vector image with at least some custom type, to over $200 if you wanted a fully painted image with background & scenery. It really depends on what you want, so let me know the details if you want a more accurate quote. I'd be working digitally and all final art would be presented at full resolution so there's no loss on printing. I'm good with ideation, large projects, and deadlines. :) Just send me a PM/note with the details.


http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7731598/ -- A more simple painting than the other two
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6227006/ -- Single char

One more vector image available on request.
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Would 18" x 24" be close enought? I actually have Bristol board that size from an old project.
I'd love to give this a try after Anthrocon.


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thanks for the replies. Will continue to send notes out throughout today and tomorrow and hope to have this started by the end of the week
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