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Welp. I'm anorexic.


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I've always known that I've been really skinny, but I never thought I was anorexic. I used a BMI calculator and turns out it's 14.02... I don't know how this could be. I eat just about anything, and I've never gone through emotional stress about my weight, nor have I made myself vomit. I exercise for about an hour daily. I've only gained 9 fucking pounds since the 4th grade. How I managed to only gain 9 pounds in a 4/5 year span, I will never know.

Any help or advice? I'm really worried about health risks...

Dude... 14% body fat does NOT qualify as anorexic. Additionally those simple calculators that ONLY take weight and height into account are seriously misleading. Think about a stocky weight lifter (short and muscled) Given his small stature and muscle mass it's going to say he's morbidly obese when clearly he is not. So, you're most likely not anorexic.


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you're not anorexic, you are just skinny. enjoy it while you can and have fun wearing clothes i cannot.

Francis Vixen

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If you're concerned about your health, consult your physician. There is nobody on the internet* who will know enough about your body to address your concerns properly.

*Unless you post lots of information and pics online, which in that case you would be suffering from a terminal case of stupidity.