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What’s your “I’d like to claim I was younger”?

Ash Sukea

High functioning everything...most days.
What’s something you said, thought or did that you’d like to blame on the folly of youth or inexperience? Not something from your childhood/elementary school days but, relatively more recently.

First time I saw YCH I tried to pronounce it as a single word. Sounded like a cat with a hairball. I couldn’t figure out what the deal was with all these poorly drawn furries hacking up hairballs.

First time I saw the term MPREG I mistook it for a type of image file.


Fascist Dictator
Was talking math and said "secondy-second" without any hesitation to a group of people. Absolutely could not process why they thought it was odd. I could not bring myself to tell them I forgot what "22" is ordinally in English when I realized.

English is my first language. I was tutoring some people in calculus.

No excuse. Wish there was!

First time I saw the term MPREG I mistook it for a type of image file.

Fortunately you can just slap any extension onto any file if you really want to




So now you're right

I feel like most of my work is at the standard of a five-year-old, so that. :}

If I thought art that good was the work of an average five-year-old I might want to blame it on my youth too : P

I though POV was a fetish... then I realized it means Point Of View...

I regret to inform you that it means Point of View and that it is a fetish


My oh my, there have been many a time on the internet where I felt like I was some 10 year old talking amongst adults when it came to sexual topics. I know basics, and thanks to the internet I know more than I'd like to know now... But there was a time where I didn't know some pretty basic terms and it was pretty clear I was "innocent".

Back in 5th grade when they forced sex-ed on us I spent the entire time doing the ostrich thing, hiding under my shirt mumbling to myself so I didn't have to hear any of it, all the while disturbing other kids from their laughing at the peepees on the screen. When it came up again in 6th grade, I again tried my best to hide from it so much so that I spent time in detention and preferred it. So basically, I skipped out on that key edumications most kids get and have sort of been learning about that subject at my own pace. Unfortunately, this lead to awkward things such as the above while in my 20's where most people have had first hand experience in the matter at least once.

Ash Sukea

High functioning everything...most days.
Okay now to really embarrass myself with a TMI posting of a time I really went out on a figurative limb.

About oh, ten years ago or so one weekend my wife was in a sullen mood and groused how I ‘Never tried to make her dreams come true.’.
A few nights later she woke up with a start. She told me she just had a dream where she came home to find me already there and I was wearing nothing but saran wrap and grape jelly and singing ‘One Singular Sensation’ and doing the whole little leg kick thing as I came down the stairs.
Well, I was still a bit secretly miffed from her earlier accusation the next week when an impish plan forms in my mind when the boss sends me home early on a slow day.
It only involved knowing when she would come home, a soupçon of bravery on my part, and the purchase of a small jar of grape jelly and some saran wrap.

suffice to say she can never accuse me again of not making any of her dreams come true.


It’s simple, Spanish or vanish.
I legitimately thought that the crust on bread was more nutritious than the rest of the bread until I was 19 years old and was explicitly informed otherwise. I guess my aunt’s effort to get me to eat my whole sandwich (when I was a little kid) was a little bit too effective.

the sleepiest kitty

I noticed the kids on DA were all of a sudden into Invader Zim back in 2019, and I cried a tear of joy.


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I thought beer tasted awful.
But then I found out that only awful beer tastes awful, and good beer tastes good.
That was much my experience with beer too. I thought all beer was awful until I moved to Wisconsin back in 2003. No, it just happens to be that the majority of beer drinkers in CA wouldn't know a good beer if it was forced down their throat. IPAs are all the rage in CA. Even local brews who don't make IPAs tend make their beer excessively hoppy to try to appeal to IPA drinkers.

My co-workers in WI made sure I got an education on good beer (thanks to an Irish pub in walking distance from work) and now that I'm back in CA I know which beers I'd enjoy and which to avoid like the plague!

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
Just recently I grabbed a cold soda out of the fridge, knocked another out by accident so I picked up the dropped one, put the original one back in the fridge and opened the dropped one. Had no idea the spray would hit the ceiling. Good thing we used full gloss paint up there. I also had to change my shirt.


Still not at 10k posts
I used to be confused at why Discord became so popular on the internet, because I associated it with Discord from MLP and not a online chat service. Oops.
I know that, and I'm still wondering why it's so popular. It's a complete garbled mess that I cannot figure out. And it's cringingly "hip".

Also, icecream for dinner.


"I say we forget this business and run."
I made a Twitter, earlier in the year.

At 29, I honestly should have known better.