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What’s your worst fursuiting experience?


I’ll share mine:

I was public fursuiting at a playground absolutely filled with people without a handler (I was younger and inexperienced with fursuiting in public). I got surrounded by kids and teenagers and was basically tackled to the ground. When i finally ran off behind a tree, i had cuts and bruises all over my legs and my fursuit was destroyed and covered in dirt. I had to recycle the suit due to the damage, it was just beyond repair.

What happened to you while suiting?


aka Cutter Cat
I'm pretty resilient when it comes to fursuiting. I have a high heat tolerance. I was doing a paid mascot gig at an event and was wearing the Energizer Bunny. The costume was new, and had never been worn. I was supposed to have been the handler, but my friend, who was supposed to wear the suit had a shoulder problem and we swapped roles. The suit was great to wear, but awkward. There was a metal shoulder rack and harness for the drum that was worn on the chest. You had to look out of a narrow slot that was buckram over the nose. There was no fan in the head. Actually, it wasn't a bad suit to wear, and once you got inside, it was pretty comfortable, though hard to move about and the handler was definitely needed.

I donned the suit and was put "on station" so that fans could get their photos with me. My handler stood by and also was taking photos. after a few minutes, I relized that my breathing rate was slowly becoming faster and faster. To my horror, I knew that I was running out of oxygen. The way the head fit, it was like being inside a kettle, and the eyes and nose openings did not allow for enough exchange of air to happen. I could only wear the suit for fifteen minutes before running out of air. Finally, I figured a workaround. I was able to put my handpaw under the edge of the head and slightly lift it up. Then by blowing air through the resulting opening, I was able to force fresh air inside. I could do this every few minutes to resupply the oxygen. Thus I was able to wear the suit up to about 45 minutes, which was good, because it was an 8 hour gig and I had to be in suit at least half the time. It ended up being a fun event, and afterwards, I was able to give my input about the new suit and recommend changes, which probably helped the next guy who wore it from suffocating. lol.


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I've fursuited once in a used suit I bought off furbuy nearly 10 years ago. I was having a lot of fun until I realized that not only did whoever made the partial left safety pins in, but one of them came open. I rushed to the headless lounge and took off my head and blood was dripping all over me and the inside of the head (basically ruining it - it'd soaked through the foam). It'd cut a nice little gash open just below my ear.

I've sworn to myself to NEVER opt for the cheaper option when it comes to suiting now. I'd rather pay $3,000 than $300 if it means my suit doesn't maim me, lmao.


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first time in suit on a con seeing white sparkles overheated ask the guys im with to remove my hoofs. get hit in the head instead batterypak shortcircut no ac anymore.(now ready too go bezerk ) saved by a dragon furry :)
I've never really went on a proper fursuit outing, but one day I saw some teenagers laughing at me so I kind of just lost my confidence. I'm actually to shy in suit and that's why I'm not a silent suiter, it feels weird and embracing to me. Hopefully I get to go to a con soon with a friend and I can probably get a confidence boost from that.