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What About Genesis Music?


Me beautiful barnet!

It had to be posted.


Me beautiful barnet!
The ending of SOR 2!


I've actually never played this. Everyone tells me to.

I love Streets of Rage, but if you're gonna play it, I would recommend the fangame Streets of Rage Remake (SORR v5) over anything Sega made.


Niko Linni
SOR2 had an awesome boppin' soundtrack.

And yeah, I'd go with SORR v5; it essentially combines all 4 (wasn't there 1 or 2 SoR games on Game Gear that had exclusive levels or sommat?) SoR games into 1, with characters from all the games (and the ability to switch between their different versions). Unlockable characters (INCLUDING some of the enemy bosses); a completely remixed soundtrack; multiple paths and endings, a two player mode; and custom sprites. And if I remember correctly, the WHOLE THING was coded. The maker(s?) didn't use ANY code from ANY SoR game, or any game engines like "Beats of Rage".


Me beautiful barnet!
Bashin' some evil clowns is more fun with awesome bgm.