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What accents do you enjoy?


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I really enjoy Irish and Scottish accents, what are your favorite accents (whether its erotic for you, or you just enjoy listening?)


Erotic... what? Odd fetish........

German: You will be terminated!
Russian, I suppose
Darth Vader's accent
City Slicker

I suppose I don't really like any of them, or I like all of them.


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Russian, especially. I go crazy over Russian accents.

I suppose I like just about any European accents, though. But Russian the most, for some reason.


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Australian, certain English ones (don't know specific names), and the 'general' Irish and Scottish ones you think of when thinking of those ones. I love Billy Connollys voice. XD
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There's a certain kind of high-class southern accent that sets me off in a bad way. My boyfriend used to troll the hell out of me with that, he does a dead-on impression of it. (Do not react to regular southern accents though.)

Really noticeable Midwestern accents invariably make my day better, I find them terribly funny even as a Midwesterner myself. Fargo kind of overdoes it but I did once encounter a woman whose accent was nearly as extreme, that immediately became the best day.

Got no accent fetishes though.


Son of a WHORE!


I find the the kind of accents you get in small towns up in the northern mid-west and Canada to be hilarious. It's a shame they don't seem to make it down to Chicago in any great frequency. Honorable mention to especially guttural Russian accents.


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Huh, a lot people like Russian.
Because they're fucking sexy. I'm trying to learn Russian (I know the alphabet, yay!) so I can sound as sexy as a native speaker.

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South African English accent is quite nice. Afrikaner English accent sounds like they are vomiting their words though


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  • Whatever Tommy Wiseau's accent is.
  • English
  • Scottish
  • Austrailian
  • Russian (I agree with Lunar)
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Israeli
  • Indian
  • Scandinavian
  • German


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Erotic... what? Odd fetish........

I know people with fetishes that are far stranger than being turned on by an accent.
I just posed the erotic or not because some people just find them non-sexually pleasing to hear :), and get turned on!

A straight-from-the-bayou, Louisiana accent always brightens my day and makes me have giggle fits!


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oh god give me a soft speaking mexican woman to sing me to sleep
honestly, spanish truly is a beautiful sounding language (given that it doesn't have too much tex-mex)

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4.That accent from the southern states

Love those all.




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For me I like Irish accents, Aussie accents, and Savannah, Georgia accents. I believe that the 'high class' Southern accent was mention. This is usually a Savannah accent. Think Doc Holliday in the movie Tombstone.

My accent is a North Florida accent (think Lynyrd Skynyrd).


This might have been better as a poll, but here goes.

Just for entertainment purposes, I enjoy all accents because it's fun hearing those who aren't native English speakers have their different variations on it. For erotic stuff though... Irish, British, Australian, French, and light Southern.


1. South African accent
2. Croatian accent (random yes, but sooooo nice)
3. Oxford English accent

Alas, being from Ontario means I have the most generic accent in the Anglophone world, and Polish sounds like you're trying to eat old jello with a straw regardless of accent. Thankfully, a lot of people seem to like my Spanish, so it's not all bad :V
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I like: Dublin accents (Republic of Ireland), Southern Gentleman (US), Australian, New Zealand, Scottish Highland/mid-range-Glaswegian.

People seem to love my accent (Northern Irish).