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What accents do you enjoy?


Son of a WHORE!
That's awesome. I'm from Fargo and people tell me all the time that we sound like Sarah Palin. Which is sadly true. XD
I love those accents :3c They make me smile.


Son of a WHORE!


Flarei Le Loup
Dwarvish. That's right. Dwarvish. Atleast how I picture it in my head.

And I like mute. That's a very nice accent.


In the land of bipolar weather
I enjoy the sound of most accents except for the New Jersey, New York and Rhode Islander accents.


Bubba be addicted to 2 stroke
Tell ya what, I love me some Australian accents. Always puts me in a good mood.

Don't like the yankee accents though. But it is funny to laugh at.

Osiris the jackal

Therian of New Jersey
Russian, especially. I go crazy over Russian accents.

I suppose I like just about any European accents, though. But Russian the most, for some reason.

I also love Russian accents and have a romanian teacher with a thick Russian like accent, it great.


I really have a thing for Scandinavian and German. <3

Also British, but not as much as the other two.


Maximum Awesome.
Russian and Norwegian. You can make good home movies with a dude with a good fake Russian accent, and Norwegian accents are scented with the pleasant aroma of extreme metal.


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Ja endelig noen som liker norsk.

Jeg vil lære norsk. :C

Or any other language for that matter. I envy people living in the European continent's countries. They get to grow up with their native language as well as english. I'm just stuck with English. :C

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Jeg vil lære norsk. :C

Or any other language for that matter. I envy people living in the European continent's countries. They get to grow up with their native language as well as english. I'm just stuck with English. :C
But you speak better English than most European continent inhabitants

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
But English is just too mainstream. ;n;
Trust me, I'd rather have one language around me than listen to half-assed pronunciation.
That combined with Finnish accent is just terrible. Thank god I don't have it


I like the Edinburgh and also the Ayrshire accent more than mine. It's more pronounced-ish.

I like the Finnish accent quite a bit, American accents are interesting, australlian accent I'm kinda used to. Canadian accents quite interesting. Northern Irish accent is quite a nice accent as well.

But when it's a Scottish/australlian mixed accent, it sound fuckin awesome.


See ya latter ****ers.
British accents.


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Oh God, where does a xenophile like me begin? Slavic accents are sexy. I have a thing for east Asian accents as well. Even a Spanish accent is sexy if they don't fumble the language like the people in my English class. Like, anything less than Charo absolutely kills it for me. I don't speak with a thick Puerto Rican accent, but I can get by it if it's sexy enough.

Of course, when you're a language freak like me, you'd rather hear people speak their own language than an accented foreign language. So for English, I like a good Southern Belle (not a hick, a southern belle) or a posh English girl. And I also speak Spanish... hard to decide between Mexican, Colombian and Argentine (NOT Argentinean, Argentine)... Spanish is such a sexy language. I don't know why they make Latinas in pornos do it English.

I swear to Fenris, if you were to record my sexual fantasies in sound, it would sound like a tornado running over a Berlitz center.

All of them.

Seriously, just have something foreign and I'll be falling all over you.

Bueno, ahora que lo mencionas...

South African English accent is quite nice. Afrikaner English accent sounds like they are vomiting their words though

I am laaik to be wearing a rookie.

Finnish, more so if they are actually speaking Finnish.

Indian would be my second choice probably.

Funnily enough, most people would be more cracked up than turned on by English accents.

Anyone notice that Bollywood actresses speak kind of more different... a bit more refined than your average convenience store clerk? (not to mention... India has a metric buttload of languages other than Hindi).


Hare Boi
Irish and French. Ooh, and southern belle! I originally had a French accent then somehow went to the Southern belle accent from living there so much then now I just have my own way of talking now.