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What actually turned me off the most from current day console gaming


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I am a PC master race nerd, have been for a while.
And while I originally switched to gaming onto computers because of
1. wide variety of game selection
2. vr support
3. upgradability
4. ez mod support

I recently looked back and realized what I think is the biggest issue with console gaming currently, beyond all the other issues we could come up with.

With a PC, if you want to play a game with friends, if you bought the game, and it has multiplayer, you're set. Get online, start a LAN party, whatever. You payed for what you needed to, now you can play with your friends.

On a console however, you not only have to buy the game, but you have to constantly be paying whoever owns the consoles online service to be able to go and play with your friends without coming over and playing the game with them in person. Which is becoming less and less common, and less and less games support split screen local mulitplayer.

Just wanted to share this realization. Share your thoughts.
I started with the Atari 2600 before getting the NES the year it came to market.

Shortly after the NES, we got an Intel 286 PC and while it wasn't used for gaming, we went to an Intel 386 PC just before the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo were released. When I found out the newer consoles and their games weren't cross or backward compatible and I saw the games offered only for the PC, I stuck with the PC.

Back in college when we had LAN parties, we all had to lug our PCs and CRTs and peripherals across campus (uphill both ways in the snow) and set up in one room because each dorm building was on it's own isolated subnet. MechWarrior 2, Quake, and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter were popular at the time.
Even though I sat quite a bit on the playstation 1 and original xbox as I was allowed to have them in my room at my own TV as a kid, I can safely say that ever since 2007 when I got my very own and first gaming PC I've been stuck in the master race as well. The latest console I owned was a 360 and even though I found the switch tempting at release, there's not been a single reason to get a console for me except possibly getting into the new Gran Turismo or be able to lean back late at night in bed on a switch. The reasons mentioned earlier never quite justified the money to get a specific console however.

Sure enough, paying for yet another service just to play with people even if it's a smaller fee isn't exactly a selling point, but to me I want to have more control of my experience such as the way I play a game, or the way a game looks and feels. Just like many other people I also take a little bit of pride in my little machine even though it doesn't quite have the same simplicity as all the consoles. It's also a one stop for everything, you play, you work, you get creative, you interact all on the same desk from the same seat on the same machine. It's just a bit more proper and if you take away the advantage of simplicity, the cheaper entry price and exclusives(that very often find their way out on PC's sooner or later). There's nothing to be had in the console space for me.

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PC has generally been my thing since... about the days of the 386. (The Doom games, Castle of Dr. Brain, and Battle Chess were probably what I remembered the most.) I did have some time with one of the Atari consoles, had most Nintendo systems up to the Wii (honestly my Gamecube probably got the most use because it has an accessory and disc that make it backwards-compatible to the Game Boy series of systems), and still have both a PS2 and PS3 hooked up.

My main thing making me completely ditch consoles and fixate on PC was... the way the PS3 behaved on me. It kept locking up after about one hour of play. No matter what I did. I stopped trusting consoles at that point and haven't gotten a new console since then. It's not like I was in the right venue for console parties anyhow.

Seriously, the only console exclusive that would cause me to get a console now is the SMT series (mostly on Nintendo consoles, and SERIOUSLY breaks the for-children notions of Nintendo). Even that grip is tenuous with some of the spinoff games coming to PC as of late.

Funny enough, the idea of a subscription fee doesn't faze me at all IF you use the console enough. I've played enough MMOs to be used to subscription models by now.

Despite this, I do admit to having console gamepads that I hook to the PC. There are some games that genuinely control better with a gamepad. No way would I play an FPS with a gamepad if I had the option to do otherwise, though.

My last splitscreen experience was.... I think Goldeneye? Yeah, split-screen is not generally my thing. Then again I haven't exactly had the monstrous TVs needed to pull it off well.

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See I'm not really much of a current gen console gamer, more on the retro console gamer, but I do agree with PC, you don't have to upgrade the main motherboard because you're able to upgrade the memory and the drive without having to wait 3-4 years for a new console to come out when you're saving money from not buying a next gen console. Not to mention with PC you can use a wide-array of controllers as oppose to only using a specified controller, now the exception of this was Nintendo Switch with using a GameCube Controller/ or even an Nintendo 64 controller with an adapter. But once I have the time, I plan on using my desktop Dell XPS PC instead of my Macbook once things are situated.


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It was pricing for me. Even with all the art, the suit, and the other fandom related bits, I've STILL spent more on gaming as a hobby than furry stuff. Still, it was worth it at the time. These days, the AAA titles on consoles are getting iffier in quality and the best titles are often found as small projects online. Consoles are still good if you really need their respective exclusive titles, but I don't.


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I was born with a laptop and tycoon games in my hands.

I liked consoles for fighting & driving games. However, nothing beats PCs for gaming and interacting with other gamers.