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What am i?


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Hello, i just signed up for this site and i wanted to ask a question, because i don’t know if i’m a furry or something else.
So in the summer, i started finding furry characters hot and i started looking more into it. Then i started thinking about it, and i started asking myself, “am i a furry?” The thing is that makes me conflicted about it is that even though i look at a lot of furry stuff and like it, i also am not really into the whole fursuit, fursona lifestyle thing (nothing against it, i just don’t really see it being “my” thing). So what would that make me, a furry or something else? If so, please tell me.

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Oh, well sorry to sound ignorant and over dramatic about it, thanks for the clearification
Well if you're looking for more elaboration on the matter you're what some may call a "depraved furry" since you're into the smut/fetish side of the fandom, but you're still essentially a furry. Heck, you can even be a furry by saying you are one, but an interest in all things anthro is a defining point for the fandom and those that are interested in it and what constitutes as being one.


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In all honesty, a lot of people who view furry media in any form don't outright consider themselves furries per se. I, myself believe that once you choose to represent yourself with a fursona, that is the tipping point.

I fell into this category for a while. I drew furry smut and still didn't consider myself to be one. I've been using this "Mascot" Dongding for a while now, and he/she is growing on me. I guess I'll admit right here and now that I'm a furry.

You, I believe are simply interested in furry media.

It's not up to someone else to decide whether you are one or not, but if you ask then you'll be told whatever the person you asked thinks.
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It's almost irrelevant what you want to be called or not.

If you're here, and you enjoy it, then you're part of something.


I'm in agreement of the simple definition. Do you like anthros? (for sexual or any other reasons) if so, than you're pretty much a furry. If you think you could be, you probably are. Either way, have fun in this community!


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What am i?
You are toast