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What am I?


Sassy lesser panda.
To start off, I have to say I support the furry community. However I don't think I am a furry. I have no desire to be anything but myself, a standard human. However I find any female sexy, human or furry. If a girl wants to live as a furry, that does not bother me. A beautiful women is a beautiful women. So, being new to the community, do you have a term for someone like me? A person that doesn't want to be a furry but thinks furry women are sexy?

I like being human. I'm not actually a red panda. SURPRISE!
I just like to draw interesting humanoid characters.... I mean elf folk are considered furry, so are aliens....and Gargoyles... Orcs, Xenomorphs, Dragons, and other fantasy creatures.

I like to make my own characters and give them personality and have them interact.... Think of it like Dungeons and Dragons when you read people interact with each other... Unless it's real talk or a serious topic, most of us just like to goof around.


Ok, I guess that makes me a furry then. I think furry women are sexy.


Mmm ok I was joking. While my humor can get a little raunchy I thought that was pretty tame. However thanks for the reminder, I will try to keep things tame for the minors.


Well-Known Member
I feel about the same way. Sometime i fantasize about participating in the fandom conventions. But it's usually not long before I step back. And see what i really am. I'm just an admirer of the people. The artwork and writing is what drew me in. And now I'm here for a stay. I don't think you can put rules and regulations on a fandom that has no functioning hierarchy. You are free to make of it what you will. And enjoy what like about it most.


Lord of Potatoes
You can be what you want to be. Only you can be the one to decide whether to consider yourself furry or not.
I am a Furry more because I like the community and to draw. I am a human who is a Furry not because I have
an animal character or that I draw them, but because I enjoy something about the furry community that makes
me want to consider myself as part of that community.

My personal take on how I participate as furry is "Being myself and Enjoying what I love" as me, the person.
There are a lot of Non-furs in the community and plenty of furs who 'aren't their character or that animal'.