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What animals best fit this description/my personality?



Okay well... for the main part I use my character Nyro as my persona-type thing. He's not an actual fursona really, I just use him as one in a way. But if for whatever reason I had to actually draw myself for something, well, I don't like drawing humans and especially drawing myself is weird so... I would need to draw myself probably as an animal. But it wouldn't really make any sense in a lot of situations to draw myself as Nyro, or any of my other characters really... they're all characters I use in my own stories and stuff and none of them are totally based off myself or anything. So yeah. But in general I've never really found an animal I think totally represents myself and have troubles with it so... I was wondering if I gave some points on personality or whatever if people could give me some ideas, it would help me a ton.

But first I'll say that I like mammals, avians (especially birds of prey, but also some other things like bluejays) and for reptile-type things, dragons. Mammals I like the most are usually pawed animals (as opposed to ungulates) with a dog/cat-type nose (as opposed to... horse nostrils). But also I don't really want anything that's generic or super popular, like foxes, huskies, etc. This is just mainly for an idea of what types of animals I normally like... Also, I'm not big on hybrids unless they're actually possible in real life.

Animals for more actually "fursona" things I've had in the past were... well probably mainly dogs. But also an otter at some point. But I don't know if those even really suit my personality... and I didn't stick with them long enough... I remember my old friend also made her own version of me, which was a wolf... but I don't know if wolf even necessarily suits me. (Also kind of popular).

Anyway I guess here's a point-form snort description of how I am:
-Introverted, mostly shy, quiet, solitary, blah blah... but I do enjoy company of close friends
-I love drawing and artwork, and writing stories, if that somehow helps
-Prefer cold weather to hot weather (I especially love the snow, and storms)
-I like to be silly and have a really weird sense of humour, but I can also be really serious when I need to be
-I can have a short temper... but I'm working on that. Also I'm pretty impatient...
-Really stupid things can bother me (I can be a bit OCD at times...) Also I can be overly sensitive to some things.
-I hate sports.
-I can usually read people... like tell when they're lying, or whatever. Also I can usually sense if something's bad...
-I can be kind of defensive at times... but I do realize my mistakes, even if it takes a while. (And sometimes I do things without thinking...)

Okay that's mainly what I can think of for now... snegon


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Be a duck billed platypus.


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Mammals: Wolverine, clouded leopard, red panda, corsac fox or tibetan fox, siberian tiger. Avian-wise maybe a snowy owl.