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What are some good anthro/furry books? Fantasy or science fiction preferred, but open to new ideas!


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I finally finished reading "Theta" by Sasya Fox like three years after getting it (saw an ad on FA and the first half of the book was free, and it was good enough to buy the second half from Google for only $2). It was surprisingly good. And it was also surprisingly enjoyable to read about a world with animal people, even if some of the characters were clearly edgy high-school Fursonas.

Basically, I love reading, but haven't encountered many furry books. This was my first, and I'm genuinely interested in more.

The few other times I've browsed furry books they've been adult, or gay, or gay adult. To be clear, I'm not against those subjects in the slightest, but they're not my first pick when it comes to reading material (but maybe my mind could be changed on that). Theta was science fiction and focused mostly on a kind of adventure story of technical intrigue and political mystery. I actually still don't fully get it, to be honest. But I'd love to see how other authors handle the furry genre, especially for fantasy and science fiction.

Regular fiction could be fine if the story is good. And same goes for adult stuff. I'm mostly interested in the story and the characters, especially if anything is new or interesting about a world of animal people that would be different from our world.

Thanks for any recommendations!


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I was asking myself this exact same question almost exactly a year ago. The Redwall series (Brian Jacques) seems to be almost universally popular. There's another series as well that I think deserves similar attention, and that's the Sholan Alliance series (Lisanne Norman). That's the series I'm reading through currently, and is a sci-fi one. It started back in the late 80s I think, and is still going today, though the books are only very gradually released. I think some have said it doesn't start out too well, but gets very good pretty quickly. There's also the classic The Call of the Wild (Jack London) and its (I think) sequel, White Fang. I've also recently heard of the novel "A Long Way to A Small Angry Planet" from a friend, which is another sci-fi one and looks pretty interesting.
There's a few threads that have been posted regarding favorite furry novels, althouth they're a little old, one of which I originally looked at to search for good furry-related books. They may be worth a look through. I think the one I looked at was here — <//forums.furaffinity.net/threads/what-are-your-favourite-furry-related-books.18666/>, or it might've been this one — <//forums.furaffinity.net/threads/any-good-anthro-books.1527471/>. The one here also seems to be good — <//forums.furaffinity.net/threads/furry-books.1184485/>. Happy hunting!


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www.goodreads.com: MYRE - Chronicles of Yria (Chronicles of Yria: Book 1)


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All good suggestions but you simply can't miss Summerhill by Kevin Frane, it's one of the best furry books I've ever read!


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Books by Ted R. Blasingame are pretty good. Also his books are available for free as ebooks on his website.
My favorite was The Chronicles of Furmankind (Used to be called Sunset of Furmankind).
Also his Blue Horizon series was also quite good.
From other authors, I quite liked a few books called Changes, Argo, and War Dog and Marginalized Populations. These three are more like short stories or collections of short stories, though.
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If you like bats or rats, I really recommend The Underland Chronicles - it's both fantasy and sci-fi. Basically, it's about an underground society made up of a mixture of humans and oversized anthropomorphic animals.


Timothy Zahn often has cool aliens in his books. He's a mainstream sci-fi novelist. He wrote the 'Thrawn' series for the Star Wars expanded universe, but has a lot of cool original work too. I really liked Night Train to Rigel. The main character is a human, but I remember some of the side characters are furry types. Quadrail series - Wikipedia


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You could try reading Prophecy of the Starnik (link posted below). It's not an official book, rather a story a guy named The Falconwolf posted on fan fiction. It's a good read... it does have a few grammar issues from time to time and a few plot holes, but don't let that discourage you, it is still worth the read!

The story is a 7 part series and is over 1.7 million words. The first one of the series starts rather slow, but speeds up by part 2 and really gets going by part 3. (Part 3, 4, and 7 being my favorites)

The order goes: Prophecy of the Starnik, Return of the Starnik, Demons of the Starnik, Children of the Starnik, A Twist in the Starnik's Past, Secrets of the Starnik, and Descendents of the Starnik.

Authors description: "3000 years ago, humanity wages war against another species, to this day, that war still ensues, in both fiction and reality. This is a story of two unlikely species meeting and discovering not only that they possess foretold abilities, but they have started and share a great destiny. But will they follow it? "

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Check out 'Scurry', its really good, its a comic book series!