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What are some odd things that you do?


the sleepiest kitty

I'd love to read about the weird or silly things people do.

For example:
-I give the occasional bugs that I find in my apartment names (Wanda the Wasp, Wendy the Wasp, Martina McFly, etc.).
-Sometimes I'll just randomly say "meow" when I'm bored.
-When I'm playing with my baby niece, I speak with a fake Russian accent to make her laugh.
-I collect colorful, neat-looking objects, kind of like a crow would.

What are some of the weird, silly or quirky things that you cute fluffbutts do?

Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section
1. Whenever it's close, I wait for the moment when the clock says "12:34" before resuming what I'm doing.
2. I mock my cat whenever he makes any noises by doing it back in a different tone, because he is very talkative when I get near him.
3. With my ADHD I get fixated on things and think about them for really long or go down research rabbit holes about the topic. I particularly like to do that with climate data and maps, and like to pick random places to see what it's like. Sometimes I do that at really late hours...


Just a fox.
Interesting how many of these involve times.

- I make wishes whenever I see the clock hit 11:11, as I did when I was a child.
- I've named the neighborhood birds that visit my birdfeeders. And if they're outside when I go out, I'll talk to them and call them by name. Ask them how they're liking the food today.
- I have to make sure my closet door is closed when I go to bed. (A left over of my grandmother talking about the boogieman getting me if it was left open, as her grandmother did to her)
- At night, I have to have my drapes / blinds closed on the windows. It really bothers me to have a big, black window gaping at me.

the sleepiest kitty

-I'm afraid of mirrors at night, when the lights are off.
-I tell off the "ghosts" (kind of like a mother would to their child) whenever there's paranormal activity in my apartment.
-I play with my gummi bears while I eat them.


I'd love to read about the weird or silly things people do.
+ When I'm bored or feeling down, I like to turn life into a musical. I'll improvise songs about whatever task I'm currently working on, and sometimes it actually sounds decent!
+ I kiss all three of my cats goodnight on their little furry foreheads.
+ I have seven Hawai'ian shirts—one for every day of the week. My Friday shirt is blue and has a pineapple pattern.
+ I read out loud to my chickens and always speak to all of my pets as if they're human and can understand me.


*old vine reference here*
- I always ask permission from ghosts when I enter a cemetery (no-one's said no yet!)
- I keep a cactus on my desk even though I'm pretty sure it's not alive anymore
- if I find a movie that I like, I'll go to youtube to watch every version of people reacting to the movie I can find because validation :3


I pounce i bounce.
+i have a jar full of fortunes from fortune cookies i saved for prolly 3+ years
+been taking pictures of bugs,
+i do this weird thing when i yawn, i'll change the pitch a couple times to make a smoll melody
i dont know if other people notice but i find it fun to do.
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-i dont know why, but if it isnt supposed to be sweet, like cereal and such, then i make it so spicy. im talking Cayan, valentina, tapatio, crushed red pepper, and buffalo sauce. and thats just the stuff ill put on a pizza.
-i dont know why, maybe just cause i dont ever talk, but i will literally sit and have a conversation with myself. its not that im crazy, no no no, its just im lonely as hell.
- sometimes ill leave random videos on, just cause i need the background noise to feel less alone some times
-i will literally talk to my pets, and other objects (not calling my pet an object)
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Happy merman

Well-Known Member
-I want to talk to people but i also do not want to talk to people .
-I pick a lot at my skin, mostly on my lips and my fingers. I don't know why I do it. *shrug*
-I talk to inanimate objects. xD I scold my furniture for "standing in my way" and I SHHHHH at a utensil if I drop it.
-I like to drum on myu knees .


Cloud District resident
...Where do I even start? My whole life is odd.


Well-Known Member
- If I can help it, I do not eat after it gets dark.
- I also almost never take out the thrash after sunset
- I like going through messages or replies that I've sent to people.
- Sometimes, when I am afraid to write something to someone I care about, I type my message when I know they're offline and I don't send it.

Borophagus Metropolis

A modern stonerage floofy woof
- I can't leave the volume on a radio or television on the number thirteen. I'm not superstitious, but I can't do it.

- I look at clocks constantly when they are around. I'm not in a hurry. I don't know. I just need to make sure time is still happening.

- If I do something in one direction, I do it again in the opposite direction to even things out. What the fuck is wrong with me?

- I talk to my dogs like they are people. But then I also bark and howl with them, chase them around, and wrestle. I am dog.

- There is always a song playing in my head. Sometimes I start singing it. Whatever.

- I talk in a fake Russian accent when mocking things of poor quality. Maybe I'm racist. I'm actually fascinated with Russia. Is great country. Such power. Very strong.


vaporeon character != mushroom characters
also have issues with picking at skin

although i also seem to like putting one outdated or obsolete item in things just because i can... i am currently saving word docs to a cd jusy because i have it... even though i have real places to put the files

the sleepiest kitty

-I also sometimes pick at my skin.
-I kind of throw my voice aound when I yawn, almost like singing.
-My sneezes are dramatic and super loud.
-When I'm mocking someone (I rarely mock people, unless they cross me to a certain point), I say what they said in a redneck voice, sounds just like the redneck guy from South Park who said, "THEY TOOK OUR JOBS".

Nexus Cabler

\ ( :v ) /
I sleep and shower with my bracelets, rings, and necklaces on instead of taking them off. I literally never remove them unless it's absolutely required.


Just a fox.
I sleep and shower with my bracelets, rings, and necklaces on instead of taking them off. I literally never remove them unless it's absolutely required.
The following should probably be filed under "things I'd never say" but..
..that sounds kind of hot.

*Zoidberg-esque runs away*