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What are the most unusual foods/dishes you've eaten?


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I didn't know that alligator/crocodile was such a popular dish among members of this forum. :v

Alligators are native where I live. My manager hunts them when he can get a permit for it (they’re limited) so when he kills one we always cook it at work.


Oh yeah, I also had a dish called 'kholodets' once, which is meat surrounded by broth jelly.

It's very unappetizing, but it was better than I was expecting it to be. I still wouldn't recommend it, though. >.>



I've had whale cheese before.


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I ate the nuclear chicken wings for fun. The kind that need a waiver and shit. The server said I'm the first person to not scream, puke, call 911 etc. He was both impressed and scared


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Oh yeah, I also had a dish called 'kholodets' once, which is meat surrounded by broth jelly.

It's very unappetizing, but it was better than I was expecting it to be. I still wouldn't recommend it, though. >.>

Good lord.

You should try "sylte". It's basically made from pig's head.

It's DAMN good though. Perfect for a fresh slice of bread with some butter. <3


when i went to Ecuador there was a tribe that served us cuy (guinea pig) and lemon ants. the cuy tasted like chicken and the lemon ants tasted like lemon candy.

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Alligator. More specifically, alligator hamburger. God that shit was tasty. #DroolingAllOverMyKeyboardRememberingIt

Something else would be sheep's brain. I had one taste and I was like "..Do people actually like this?"

Ever tried roasted boar? Roasted for 10 hours straight? That stuff's awesome.
I love gator! It tastes like amazing chicken! It is very greasy though.


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Offhand, alligator, eel, rattlesnake, frog legs, squid curry, cuttlefish risotto in its own ink, octopus, scrapple, menudo, lengua, chicharrones, and chicken feet come to mind. (I guess it depends on what you consider "odd.")


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Few foods horrify me like this one! I'd never seen it until moving out east, and recall seeing it in the grocery store once, and on the package of one brand it proclaimed, "Contains no snouts". I was still not reassured. :p


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I am not a fussy eater and will give anything a go at least once. I've had things like gator, bison, kangaroo, ostrich, frog legs, snails, and reindeer. Reindeer was absolutely yummy! I've had rabbit, pheasant and boar quite a lot as well.

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Stew, with much heart and love put into it. No, really, cooked heart.

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Baht bugs, fried. Not so good but hey, I was drunk, right? Hakarl (rotted, fermented shark served with Brenhnivin, naturally) while intoxicated at a bar near Keflavick AB, Iceland. Yeah, I never learn. Surstromming (fermented Baltic Sea Herring) too, as if I hadn't learned anything about Nordic traditional foods. Note, do not open the can indoors, no matter what your friends say. You will regret this. This can gag a maggot. No joke. Not so bad was the Salmiakki for a dessert treat. Just salted licorice. Very salty, in fact.


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Mine is... Well I actually don't know what it was.

Years ago I was in Japan, and I was on a bit of a drinking binge with this guy who learned English from wanting to understand the lyrics of Led Zepplin songs. So we went to this sushi place, and I had never tried sushi, so the guy got me a bunch of stuff. I asked him what it was, to which he just said,

"Try it, it's good."

After eating it, I told him it all tasted amazing, so he ordered something else. That tasted great too, so he ordered something else... This continued for a few hours while we got progressively drunker.

Eventually the guy got talking to the chef and explained I'd never tried sushi before this evening, and a fire lit in the chef's eyes. He grabbed his knives and did some highly theatrical preparation before putting something in front of me. I asked what it was, but just got the same answer.

"Try it, it's good."

So I did. And it tasted incredible. However, I don't remember what it tasted like or even what it was, because we had been drinking for about 5 hours at this point and while my tolerance is pretty good, this guy must've been a professional drinker.

About a year later I happened to be in that neck of the woods again and that sushi place was closed - it had actually been demolished leaving an empty lot, and I jokingly imagine that it was never there in the first place and maybe I hallucinated the whole thing. So I guess I'll never know what the phantom amazing sushi was.