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What are the two most unique features about your main sona?

What are the two most unique features about your main sona?

  • Markings or Physical Features

  • Personality

  • Life/Background Story

  • Impact on Me IRL (Describe in Response)

  • Other (Describe in Response)

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Foxy Emy

*Mischivious Noises*
I am just curious what people think is the most unique thing about their fursonas.

A can see a lot of visual artists going with markings or physical features, a lot of authors going with life/background story, and a lot of RPers (who are, also, authors in a sense) going with personality.

However, there is a lot of crossover between those three subgroups of the fandom, so I was curious who went with what.

I have also included IRL impact as an option because sometimes, our fursonas can have an impact back outside of the land of creativity. For example, I have heard of people who end up meeting someone they end up dating long-term, living with, and/or marrying because of the fandom. Keep in mind that that is just one example of a major IRL impact. I'll share my personal impact at the bottom of this post.

I also know that some people (myself included) will have a hard time limiting themselves to just one answer but I also don't want people to just say "everything about my fusona is its most unique feature because I am a creative GOD!"

Because of this, I have limited us all to selecting two answers at most.

For me, my sona's personality is one of her most unique features. She may be a playful vixen, like most---but unlike most vixens. she is very introspective and philosophical and often expresses deep and dark emotions. She finds the contrast of light and dark in the night sky to be inspiring and she tries to embrace that paradoxical contrast in her everyday life.

Her most most unique feature is her IRL impact on my everyday life. She was the first female character I had ever played. When I first RPed her in a Pathfinder table-top, I found the feeling to be more than comfortable, I found it to be very liberating; I was free to openly express my femininity for the first time.

It took me a long time to figure out what that meant. You would think that if I knew that I felt more comfortable as a female than a male that I would catch on rather quickly. But, the awful ways that many people treat trans individuals, and the unspeakable atrocities people commit made me very afraid to admit that to myself. The cognitive dissonance was strong.

But, the more I RPed Emy, the more and more I knew that I would be better off just being my feminine myself.

In other words, my Sona helped me realize, and accept, that I was a trans woman. I even adopted her name as my own because my given name didn't have a feminine form.

I would consider that a fairly unique IRL impact.

Anyways, what are the most unique things about your fursonas?

Mikazuki Marazhu

I hate you all
I like my sona to be as plain as possible :V
Though it has two obscure unique features

His eyes:
images (3).jpeg

Tattoo on his right arm:

images (2).jpeg

Foxy Emy

*Mischivious Noises*


Late Healer Ferret
Mine (LV) has wings they earned when they started helping lost souls crossover. (Also when they almost died, kinda complicated) Kickstarting them being a Necromancer.

They’re also a 300year old chimera of ferret souls that’s only about 1/3 alive.

So physical feature and backstory I guess?


A happy dangerfloof
I would say first IRL impact on me. Basically because I didn't create him, he came to me in my dreams. I already explained that story here: forums.furaffinity.net: What is the story behind your fursona's creation?
Even if I didn't even know what furry is back then, having this character helped me a lot during rough times and also helped me a lot to control my anxiety attacks, so I would say that it had a lot of impact on me IRL.

The other important feature is physical. It's not "unique" but it's very special. Even if I have had this character for more than half of my life, I still can't see him. Every time I try to imagine him or he appears in my dreams I only see a black blur and the only details that I can see are horns, wings, tail and red eyes. So, if I had to describe him, these are the features that I would remark.


Zephyris Redsnout
I don't know how many Raptors have a marking like the Neon Green lower jaw that I have. I made Zephyris' lower jaw (and some of the tail feathers) neon green to commemorate my previous sona (Redjaw) who represented 15-16 year old me well but not 20 year old me. He had neon green tribalistic markings as well as a neon green snout marking. Have a look this headshot of him: www.furaffinity.net: Headshot of Redjaw by Derron116
Vs Zephyris: www.furaffinity.net: Zephyris Headshot Commission by Sidian by Derron116

Zephyris is, presumably, unique personality-wise in that he's not a pack mentality type of raptor nor quite a lone wolf type either. Preferring his alone time but still loving the time spent with those he would call, his "pack."
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Deleted member 111470

Well, he has a scar on his face and he's a monkey - there aren't many monkey fursonas to begin with and even less so are scarred.


Chocolate horse delicacy
I'm not sure how unique the features I'm thinking of here really are. The physical ones are fairly easy for me to compare to those of other characters, but the personality aspects are difficult, because I rarely learn that much about the many other characters I come across.

My fursona, Constance, has a fairly simple design. She's really just just chocolate brown all over, with dark brown tail and hair, and caramel/golden eyes. The only place where she has a special fur pattern, is between her legs, where the fur is the same color as her hair and tail.
She also has human-shaped feet, which seems to be fairly unusual for an equine character. Her feet and special fur pattern helps distinguish her from other brown mares, I think.

I think that her personality/story has some elements that I don't normally see many choose for their fursona. Constance is a an elegant and kind woman, who is famous for her singing career. She tries hard to maintain the image of a glamorous lady in a perfect marriage, as the public opinion of her, and her career, is of great importance to her. The truth, though, is that she's unhappy in her marriage, and is constantly cheating on her husband in the most scandalous ways. I like to think that the habit of cheating sets Constance apart from most other fursonas, but I really can't say if that's true or not.


Artsy Fartsy
My sona is a parallel version of myself, so I answered "backstory" and "affect on me." Because creating them helped me cope with my own personal issues, showing me that it's okay to be different. My OC is not a furry, but a monster creature (self created race.) He also looks unique because of that - being a not-furred creature in a furred community - but I've always felt different, not really fitting in anywhere. Anyway, having this OC going on 3 years has given me the confidence to be myself, to be proud of all that I am and am not. :) He has an ongoing backstory with various parallel versions that change as I interact with others and RP.


Me sona doesn't have a tail and has got skin only (with the exception of hair), although it doesn't really make a difference since most artists draw fur with a skin-like texture anyway, so if you'd see art of him you're almost certainly not going to notice it