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What are things you find beautiful


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I miss my Sovereign.
However, I do <not> miss the shit wiring in it... crumbly connectors, barely adequate sized wiring for the amperage load (fuel pump comes to mind).


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Jaguar XJ40, one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

I dig it. The front isn't ugly like what a lot of other cars nowadays look like.


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The way my dog looks at me.


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Hmm, interesting topic. I'd say beauty would be a matter of individual perception. I've seen a few things that aren't pleasant but they're beautiful in there own way if that makes sense to anyone.


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Sitting in a grassy open space, the vibrant blue sky right above you, the sun shining down on trees casting shadows on the clearing, with birds chirping and the soft chatter and laughter of other people echoing through the wind. I find that scene, that atmosphere, very beautiful


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Tragedy and it's limitless interpretations, mediums, etc. From the discussion of loss and seeing it explored in movies, plays, TV to music consumption, etc- I have always found it fascinating to ponder. Not condoning crimes and whatnot, but universal setbacks we all face.

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In all honesty, I can find beauty in music. You can tell the gentle craft by the soothing melody, or the powerful tune that follows with it. Music is the very definition of beauty to me, and I'm glad that is so. Pianos can sound as if they have a voice of their own with the right pianist behind the keys, and all wind and brass instruments all have their own, unique voice.


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I find the ocean/beach to be a beautiful place. Watching as the sun sets and the stars slowly come out to the sound of the gulls finding their way back home is magical to me.


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You, the one reading this post.
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On a slightly more serious note..

Cute animals doing cute things.


I always find sunsets really beautiful, especially when there are trees in front of it. The dark, inky outline of the branches contrasted with the flowing orange glow of the sunset is super cool.

Also, does anyone else ever stare at the sky just for the beauty of it. Seriously, the sky looks like a watercolor painting. <3