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What are y'all doing for Christmas?


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Seeing as how the virus is impacting every country differently, we're all gonna have different plans for Christmas. Lockdown in my country is ending at the start of December, so I'm going to be out and about a lot of the time - though not without taking extra precautions. A new wood burner recently got installed in my house, so I'm looking forward to a lot of nights sat by the fire and watching some festive films. And we can't forget the hot chocolate ;)
It goes without saying that I'll be feasting on the worst junk food known to man, so I've tried to get into a healthier lifestyle already. O_O

Sam Wamm

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my kid is being looked after mostly by their mother who i've separated from and she is still relatively wealthy.

i have no money so i'm going to wittle a small wooden toy out of the good bits of wood in the rotten fence posts we had to replace on the farm.

if they don't like it i swear i'm gonna throw that damn woman out a window for spoiling my child.

Firuthi Dragovic

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Honestly, my plans don't change, lockdown or no. I'm still expecting to spend the holidays home with my immediate family (I don't visit the relatives much anymore). I still expect this to be one of 3-4 days in the year where I allow myself to drink (though once I have my own place, I plan to NEVER have alcohol in my own house. I have no desire to drink alone, no matter the day).

This IS the last year where I'm putting forth a Christmas list for my folks. I'm FINALLY earning enough of my own money that Christmas lists have lost their luster to me, especially in the age of ordering online. Even then, there are no consoles on my wishlist. What I'm most after is a 16-port USB hub because I have a positively RIDICULOUS number of peripherals for this computer. And that's not my most ridiculous item or even my most expensive item - both honors goes to a set of finger weights. No, seriously, with the amount of gaming and fast typing I do I NEED to keep those fingers in shape any and every way I can.

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Now that mum ain't around anymore I'm not really sure. Used to be that I spent Christmas with her but now I'm not so sure. Guess I'll have to spend it with someone else...


Hello, Proto
Not sure.
Either I'll spend it with my mom or at home, possibly inviting one of my boy friends over ;3


Don't know yet. Bro moved and won't be around this year, so even if the virus wasn't a thing we likely wouldn't have a family get together anyways. May exchange gifts and have a smol dinner with mum and dad. I will probably have to work Christmas Day because I generally do, I may or may not get Eve off. I don't mind working though, holiday pay is nice.

Ra'ara Su'nai

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Although things aren't officially locked down here, you're almost a pariah if you don't stay home(barring going to work if you're lucky enough to still have a job, or getting food) so I'm just gonna be sitting at home, playing video games.


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I don't know. The only people I'd be interested in seeing are immunocompromised.

I'm also not able to predict the future. My life is inherently unstable.


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I have week 51 and 52 off work, so I am going to make the most out of it. Will be going to my dad's for about 5-6 days or so from the 22nd throughout the 27th or 28th.

Could really need a proper vacation. Been working constantly without any vacations, so going to be good to properly relax for once.

Stray Cat Terry

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There used to be a grand plan(of course indoors), but the Covid got more severe so it's been dismissed. It's been planned for months....

So now... I shall try to enjoy something on my own, should figure it out.


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I plan on enjoying the peace and quiet with my immediate family, and ONLY them if I get lucky.

Frankly, it'll be the most blissfully happy Christmas I ever had!!! <dances in joy>


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Taking a small vacation and getting out of town. Covid be damned. I'm just finishing up a very hard project and my wife and I are tired of being cooped up in our apartment. Time to relax!


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Looks like my famaly is still doing stuff with one side of our famaly, but most of my famaly had it already(not me but my family does not really consider me to be at risk...)

and i am probably just going to stay distant and go to sleep before everyone leaves like i normally do

everything happens on Christmas eve

Kit H. Ruppell

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I'm going to be expected to meet up with my family two states away...
I'm hoping some lockdown restrictions prevent me from legally doing so, because I don't feel like arguing with my mother over how stupid travel is in a pandemic.


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not christmas, but for Yule I am bringing food to my friend's house and having a feast and drinking and celebration with others over discord video call.