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What Are You Currently Doing In Your Boring Life?


back to Aussie foxying!
Essays, essays, essays, plus some drawing and chilling, did I mention essays?


Diaper Fox
I am lifting weights.


Your friendly neighbourhood disaster
Researching French Canadian perspectives on conscription.


Totally not a vampire
Downloading all my computer programs again after I had to replace my new laptop .-.

Then I'm hopefully gonna make a game so I'm pretty excited for that


Explosion loving skooma cat
Studying networking theory and deciding what to do about college, again


Just got done watching minecon live to see what they are going to add.

now I don't even know what to do for the rest of the day.

Sir Thaikard

I'm constantly busy that I don't know what bored is.

I'm kind of envious. I wish I had a moment where I had nothing to do.


Explosion loving skooma cat
I just know multiple personnel and management techniques so I am ahead at work most days, by months.

Also, wife got us a babysitter. I am too lazy to pick up my bra from under our kitchen table at the moment and am wondering if I should Twitch or sleep.

Tragically, twitch streaming and drinking coffee is winning. thank God I don't use voice or have a camera right now.

Edit: yup, Destiny 2 wins


At the moment specifically, responding to this thread downloading some game demo, hovering on Discord and making tea.

In general, I've been working, slowly buying parts to build a PC for gaming (because this old Dell laptop is really not holding up very well), procrastinating on finishing a fursuit I started years ago, working on my stories, and finishing up some commissions.

Corran Orreaux

Active Member
Trying to fall asleep and madly fighting with myself on which of two games I should buy despite not really being able to afford anything at all.

Divinity 2 or Diablo 3 on Switch.....


Your friendly neighbourhood disaster
Browsing Instagram and being a hypocrite by telling my followers to go the fuck to bed


Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf, Best Monarch!
Grocery shopping! Yay! -Flops-


Currently working on my first Song in FL Studio. Then once I'm done with that, create an FA Account and upload it there.

I'm also currently learning the C Programming Language and working on a FOSS Project.


Smart batto!
Drawing, writing articles for one zine, playing my Switch and generally enjoying life <3