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What are you doing at this exact moment?


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Assembling some wares, drinking a Monster and chatting with colleagues. Oh, and typing here.


Late Healer Ferret
trying to work on comms.


profound asshole
Finally got rank 1 killer in Dead by Daylight, and I've just been watching over some of the games I was in from different streamers' perspectives. None of them seemed to like me very much. Feeling a very strong need to post the timestamps, since some of the reactions are pretty funny. Playing against streamers in the most toxic way possible is probably my favorite part about playing at high ranks.

Game 1 - 1:39:06

Game 2 - 04:44:55

below is 2 streams, same game, different perspectives.

Game 3 - 1:00:14

Game 3 - 4:40:37

Killer - The Pig / Amanda Young
Perks - Hex: Ruin, Thrill of the Hunt, No One Escapes Death, BBQ & Chili
Typical Addons - Rules Set #2, Amanda's Secret, or Rusty Attachments w/ Slow Release Toxin

And yes, I did use a jigsaw piece / broken glasses whenever I was able.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Rubbing sore eyes after a night of little sleep, a full day of work, and too much No Man's Sky


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Finishing my Monster. :3


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Writing dialogue for a lewd game. For money.
Teacher is talking to someone about something, finished this periods work early, so nothing I guess lol


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My friend introduced me to a new site with a pet feature to it so I'm kinda snooping around there right now.

Poach, you've been in my life for only a few hours now, but girlie I would die for you.