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What are you doing for Halloween?


Me? Otaku? Pffft. -hand flit-
Trick or treating? Parties? Costumes? :3
I still do those. : D


Home. Food. Vidjagames and porn.

Fuck the noise and the parties and shit.


Tick my laint
Getting trashed and gonna go attempt to play football....again

Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.
I am wearing a costume, that is about as far as I have planned.

Adelio Altomar

Rat-Sized Superiority Complex
Boxofstrawberrypocky, use the edit function, please.

And a fursuit down in Austin's infamous 6th street would definitely get some attention (and possibly get me laid, even).

Eerie Silverfox

You are my furend
absolutely nothing