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What are you happy than happen this year?


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I actually obtained a reason to go forward and think about my future.
The reason is getting a realistic suit and attending a con.
I've never had anything that i wanted to do so much as this and its really helping me go forward, think about professions and jobs, where i will live/immigrate, my health. and things like that.


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Moving out of my parents' house, I couldn't stand living with my mum much longer. Our relationship is complicated at best and I actually dislike her quite strongly.
I moved out in June this year and I have never been as content as I am now. My life since May has been progressively happier.


During last 2 months I've lost 15 kg due to my hard work (almost reached 100 kg, now it's 85 kg and 187 cm - I'm perfect again): push-ups & sit-ups (40 min a day) and running (80 min a day +/- 20 min).

Ahh, also my job.
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I got hired today!


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I got a job, I picked up drawing again and found a place to post my stuff (here!), Super Smash Bros 3DS will be out soon, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire remakes before the year's out, yeah it's been a pretty good year for me. :)

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I had a job and got a great performance review

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I got in Hewge's pants.


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I am happy that Rick Perry is indicted on abusing gubernatorial power, that Texas has a governor election, and that Eric Holder resigned from office.


I am happy that Rick Perry is indicted on abusing gubernatorial power, that Texas has a governor election, and that Eric Holder resigned from office.

Fucking right?? He's been governor for as long as I first took notice of who was Texas governor. The Führer has fallen!
And you know for a damn fact he wouldn't have tried coercing that official to resign over a drunk driving incident if she had been Male and Conservative leaning. Not defending drunk driving. Fuck that. But there's plenty of other officials who get away with plenty and no one seems to be making huge threats towards them.


It's all fun and games...
Dang, it's been almost a month since something happy happened to someone on this forum.

Well, I just learned today that my mother is going to be getting out prison a lot earlier due to good time. About a year has been taken off and she'll be home by this Spring. I'm super excited to have her back, despite what I imagine will be some initial awkwardness.


I initiated a one on one conversation with a stranger.


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I uh... graduated this year with the quality degree I was hoping for and we had an Indian takeout to celebrate that.

I also got offered two jobs! One was after the other, and I moved from the first to the second, because it was better money and better work experience. Did I mention I love my job, and everyone I work with is lovely?

I also took control of my sleeping and now go to bed and wake up at normal times!

I was also discharged from the depression/anxiety service recently, so that must be a good thing. I still get very depressed and anxiety still gets the better of me but at least my life is improved now compared to how it was when I first went.


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Continued high school and joined the forums and met some cool people and I went on a trip to the Smoky Mountains during the summer which was pretty cool.


4 hands good 2 hands bad ;)
I've been on a fairly consistent high since May.


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I passed the only class that was giving me trouble in school on the third and final try. This allowed me to be put back on track for spring graduation.


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I got one of the best jobs I've ever had! Definitely one of the highlights.