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What Are You Listening To?

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Turkish Saz/Iranian Tanbour/Vocals in Persian


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skyscrapers by Ready, Set Fall

Traven V



drunken pirate

"Used to be dirt, grew into a plant
Once was an animal, now I'm just a man
Grip still intangible, heart up in my hands
This will be the life for the darkness in my head"

HNNNNNG. I need to listen to these guys more often. Also hip hop in general.

I also love that album cover for some reason.
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I'm one of those freakishly avid fans who follows everything Jimmy Urine and company do, thereby proving their point about alternative music fans sucking! <3


What is this internet?

So, freaking, siiiiiick!


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Saliva said:
My nigga! MSI is the shit.

Hahaha I instantly respected your love for industrial when you mentioned it in my introduction thread, but this completes the package.

...That sounds incredibly suggestive and even creepy to me at the moment, but maybe it's just because I'm an incredibly suggestive and even creepy person.

Oh wait.



Plays by the basics
I find this to be pretty chill.