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What Are You Listening To?


You know the world can't understand your pain
You see the world just look at you with hate
You feel the weight that's crushing down
And whisper can you save me now
You know I can

Because I know your darkness
And I know you're not heartless
You know I can
Because I know your darkness

You contemplate if life is just a game
And it is clear to me you feel betrayed
It's getting colder all around
You whisper can you hold me now
You know I can

(Music & Lyrics: Faderhead)


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"I'm waking from this dream
Returning to reality is so bittersweet
But I open my eyes and the illusion is fading
Slipping away

It was just within reach, yet so far
I lay here all alone once more

I dreamed you were beside me
You were there once again, as if you had never left and
I remember wanting to say, asking you not to go
But I know that was impossible then...
You say, "I can't stay here" as my damp eyes open

The sunshine's on the bleak horizon
It's just another day
I look out at dimly lit buildings and I think of you
Am I imagining you here, right next to me?
Your eyes catch my own
I look back fleetingly, before I realize you're really there

I dreamed you'd be beside me, that we would meet again
Your eyes glisten, your tears are falling
I know you have not forgotten the last time we shared
As I quietly watch you wipe your tears away

Although I've found you, I know this meeting will not last
I have to let go, continue finding a way
Though I will miss you
It's time to wake from this dream"


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This new cheesy but heckin great Ghost song :3



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Not a fan of the weird flute solo or whatever, but the lyrics are really nice.

I've listened to quite a few of his songs, and IMO he is underrated.

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In honor of Spooky month and one of my favorite movies, I present this to the court.

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