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What Are You Listening To?


Really enjoying Poets of the Fall.



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While unfortunately my venue wasn't the one chosen for the album, a trip down memory lane hearing this. Hell of a show to catch live in '15.


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sorry, haha finally the correct thread!

not right now but I loved this ad in youtube B3


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Most recently I have been listening to a lot of Cavetown because my boyfriend and I broke up. Mostly "Green", "Meteor Shower" and "Talk to Me". I tend to like New Age, Rock/Metal and Instrumental music such as Sleeping At Last and Written By Wolves. There is also a lot of beautiful anime music out there. Like the music from the anime Made in the Abyss. And Cavetown just makes sweet music. It's hard to believe that someone so young made music this good. It's mostly personal taste.

I'll share Meteor Shower by Cavetown:

EDIT: I hope I'm in the right thread. I'm quite new and I noticed there were two threads like this. I managed to avoid the user-created music thread. I'm just hoping I'm in the right place.
Also "Talk to Me", in my personal opinion is one of the most healing songs I've ever heard. I also find it really calming.

EDIT 2: Okay I had to share this as well.
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One of my fave russian songs! Hehee



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im writing lyrics for a Kiba + nightshade + kid Ryu Trio ^w^ hardbass is me, flute is shade, beeps and bops are Ryu.

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(grinning by all 42 teeth) What I've always liked about Orden Ogan is the cheerful optimism of their songs.