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What Are You Listening To?

Frank Gulotta

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Lamenting Lynx
Been on a synthwave craze since last year upon learning it. Always had a fascination for it, and it's certainly that time for vibing and immersing yourself in those old times.

Here's one, to whom it may concern.


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Just more random stuff listening to while free-handing on a canvas today...I hope I get to share the painting later wifi here has not been the best. ^^;
But, here you go... I have got to get back to drawing now. ^^



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Baron Tredegar

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"I say we forget this business and run."
Because occasionally I like causing problems on purpose:

A handful of users I only just restrained myself from mentioning.

Frank Gulotta

Send us your floppy
That's if I'm not mistaken the first song I've heard of Johnny Cash, he's one of two artists I'm aware i've discovered in their final form, with David Bowie
It's really peculiar to have to rewind to these artists' youth from their old age instead of sort of growing up with them
At the polar opposite I've got Herbie Hancock, I first heard and loved his very classical earlier works with jazz, then discovered he got wildly experimental. And he's still alive and kicking


Resident Edgelord & Local Robot Kinnie

I can't believe I stopped listening to them for so long. Sepultura is a damn good band



A bit less synthy than a lot of their stuff. This song actually reminds me a bit of Hammerfall.