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What Are You Playing Right Now?


See ya latter ****ers.
Resident evil 5

I fucking hate Sheva.


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Realized I missed 0.4% in Chapter 1 of FF X-2, I'm in Chapter 2. Fuck this shit I'm not starting over. Then I played FF V Advance till I got the Drake, but I remembered the rest of the game and fuck this shit, I'm not playing this again. I have a dozen games I haven't played yet but I can't be bothered to play them, so now I'm bored to no ends because I obviously have fucking nothing to do :V



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This awesome game called With Myself.



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Yeah, but when the only Legendaries officially released via Dream World so far are Rayquaza and Arceus....

In Pokemon Online's DW Ubers everything is legal, that's why I have Soul Dew Latias, for example.
Turns out Latias and Ho-Oh weren't the ideal replacements, so Venusaur and Palkia are back. Next time, a team centerd around Tail Glow Manaphy.

EDIT: Pokemon Online is a battle simulator, just so you know.
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Nazi zombies for iPad.


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I just picked up Ys Seven on PSN store. What a wonderful game!

Also playing Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational and Touch My Katamari. :)

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I don't recognise it anymore.
So deeply graph-modded


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damnit asura's wrath! i shake my fist in your general direction for the shenanigans that you pulled with your endings! XP


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I really need to go back and finish Platinum sometime. Let's see, I was in Sunyshore waiting to challenge Volkner's Gym ... come to think of it, I never even entered his Gym in the first place.

And Mesprit is fast. But at least Mesprit is a roamer, not a defensive tank like Uxie was or an Nasty Plot powerhouse like Azelf was (Ugh...) And the best part about G4 Roamers is if you put them to sleep they'll still flee, which means they keep the Sleep status indefinitely and you can just start spamming Quick Balls as you hunt them down.

So the battle with Volkner ... well, my Gabite took out his Jolteon (after some effort, got paralyzed by a Body Slam), then my Lv.48 female Rivalry Luxray (barely) takes out his Lv.48 male Rivalry Luxray (yeah, two equal lions Crunching each other to death -- but mine's faster), Infernape gets lucky enough to down his Electivire in two hits (Flame Wheel critical + Close Combat), and then finishes off his Raichu in one. Wasn't terribly proud of having to use a few healing items, but the Gym Leaders have some items themselves, and a win's still a win, right?


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I really need to go back and finish Platinum sometime.

No kidding, I finished Diamond two times, then when Platinum came out I tried and play it but about halfway there I just gave up and played another game. Heck, I haven't even got three badges in White. I guess I'm old now :c


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Mass Effect.
I've occasionally dicked around on ME2, lightly, but never played the first until now.
Not a fan of "run and duck" shooters, but I like a lot of other things about it, so I can let the combat system slide.


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Currently playing either Pokemon Black or Mario Kart Wii with my sister. I do want to play MW3 again, but its going to be awhile before I get a new PS3, Nii...

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Skyrim until Me3 comes out