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What Are You Playing Right Now?


switching between Grim Fandango and Mother 2

Two very awesome games! I'm playing Minecraft (modded with technical mods, Mine Little Pony and a few other personal additions), occasionally switching off to play Cataclysm (Zombie post-apocalypse roguelike), my PS2 backlog and just got all the connections wired to play my Atari 2600 in the apartment, to join with the NES, 360 and PS2. Breakout and Pac-Man anyone?

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Sniper Elite V2
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One-Eyed Canine
Only gaming I've done lately is playtest my own project. Last game I played was Skyrim.
Quake 2: Evolved

Just when I thought I couldn't get immersed any further into the game...


Now if only we could get rid of the over-abundant ammo and make the AI's harder without adding artificial difficulty (i.e. Gunners lobbing grenades at you from two feet away at a constant rate. Fucking hard+.)
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Judge Spear

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My sister got me Akai Katana Shin on the Xbox 360 for my birthday.


Nothing's getting done this weekend. o-o


Playing the Hell outta Borderlands 2. Plus trying to mix WoW in there a bit, and failing.
Final Doom.

It's funny. This whole time I thought I just had Doom II. When I went to run the program this morning, a launcher came up asking me if I wanted to play Doom II, The Ultimate Doom, or Final Doom. What a surprise.

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer


Judge Spear

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I'm currently working on my Akai Katana 1CC. As long as I focus on surviving rather than scoring, I can probably do it for this game in particular.