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What Are You Playing Right Now?


See ya latter ****ers.
Postal 2

This is the best worst game i have ever played.

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Using CS:GO as a time waster

Imperial Impact

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Photoshop CS5


See ya latter ****ers.
Mega man x.


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It's a good game. I just don't like it. That awful pacing... maybe it gets much better after 5 hours in but I just really don't care to continue.

Maybe 5 years from now I'll give it another try.

Well if you've only played for five hours then of course you're not going to get far..just like any other Zelda game. :/


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Well that's just not true.

Link to The Past first minute has you traveling through the night in a fierce storm and sneaking into the dungeon of a castle.

A couple minutes into Ocarina of Time the plot starts going right away. Deku tree tells you whats up and shits about to go down and you go inside him and and battle big ass spiders.

Moments into Majora's Mask and you travel into what seems like another dimension or different world entirely.

First hour of Twilight Princess has you sitting around with your thumb up your ass doing pretty much nothing. Go talk to that lady and ask her about her day. Go talk with the children. Stop runaway sheep. Oh that's so enthralling.

I love Zelda games. But this game is just... boring. Course that's just my opinion.
For a Zelda game, I agree it should kick off in a more exciting way, but it really DOES get better. Not that you should be expected to have patience with it, knowing full well how the series usually paces. Then again, there is also the first wolf transformation which occurs in the beginning, before you even get your sword and shield if I remember correctly... That could also be a major turn off for you.


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Prepare to laugh- I've prepared to be mocked.

I quit WoW and SWTOR... to go back to Runescape. And so that I can have time to play Assassin's Creed.

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Paper Mario 4 which is actually pretty good. I never thought Nintendo would actually have someone make something this good. At least not for a while, but it's Intelligent Systems. I'd expect quality from the devs of Super Metroid.


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I fricken got attacked by an orgy of bears in Assassin's Creed III a while back. They just kept coming out of nowhere.


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Just finished playing Quake. Man, that was fun and difficult! I'm going to beat it on every difficulty just to get better at video games.


Beat Bastion. It started out cool, but didn't hold my interest very well. The narration was novel at first, but got annoying over time. Fun game, looks and sounds beautiful, just not that great.

Next up is Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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The Binding of Isaac


See ya latter ****ers.